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I. E.
— A
ew i sh
U n t e r m e y e r , L o u is . L o n g
feud: selected poems. New York, Harcourt Brace,
1962. 118 p.
Contains several poems on Jewish themes.
U r i s , L e o n .
Exodus revisited. New York, Bantam, 1962. 224 p. Paperbound
The vitality and variety of Israel’s bustling cities and lonely deserts!.
A photographic documentary sequel to the novel.
V a u x , R o l a n d de .
Ancient Israel: its life and institutions. New York, McGraw-
Hill, 1961. 592 p.
A sociological study of the biblical sources describing domestic and
religious as well as military life in ancient times.
V a w t e r , B r u c e .
The conscience of Israel: pre-exilic prophets and prophecy.
New York, Sheed & Ward, 1961. 308 p.
W a g e n a a r , Sam .
Women of Israel New York, Schocken, 1962. 112 p.
Photographs of interesting types of women from every section of the
W a r s h o w , R o b e r t .
The immediate experience. New York, Doubleday,
282 p.
Essays on politics, the theatre, movies and Jewish issues and problems.
W e in e r , H e r b e r t .
The wild goats of Ein Gedi. Garden City, Doubleday,
1961. 312 p.
A journal of religious encounter in Israel with representatives of
different faiths by the rabbi of Temple Israel, South Orange, N.J.
W e i t z n e r , E m i l .
The song of songs: a paraphrase. New York, 1961.
A member of the New York Bar muses on the religious beauty of the
biblical canticles.
W e l l a n d , D e n n i s .
Arthur Miller. New York, Grove, 1961. 124 p.
A biography of the famous playwright.
W e r b l o w s k y ,
R. J. Z. Joseph Karo: lawyer and mystic. New York, Oxford
University, 1962. 336 p.
A biography and analysis of the religious thought of the author of
Shulhan Aruk.
W e r f e l , F r a n z .
Franz Werfel, 1890-1945. Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh,
1961. 102 p.
W e r n e r , E r i c .
Hebrew music. New York, Leeds Music Corp., 1962. 66 p.
Vol. 20 in the
Anthology of Music
with complete musical examples
of Jewish music by the professor of Jewish music at the Hebrew Union
College-Jewish Institute of Religion, New York.
W e s t e rm a n n , C la u s .
A thousand years and a day. New York, Muhlenberg,
1962. 280 p.
An interpretation of contemporary German scholarship and the atti-
tude of Germans towards the Bible when the Nazis attacked it as a
Jewish book.
W o l f s o n , H a r r y
A. Religious philosophy. Cambridge, Harvard University,
1961. 278 p.
Essays on Jewish and Arabic philosophic concepts and a sermon on
biblical text by the professor emeritus of Jewish literature at Harvard.
Y ad in , Y i g a e l .
The message of the scrolls. New York, Grosset & Dunlap, 1962•
192 p. Paperbound reprint.
The story of the finding of the scrolls and a description of each
scroll and its contents.
Y a r o n , R e u v e n .
Introduction to the law of the Aramaic papyri. New York,
Oxford University, 1962. 152 p.
An analysis of thirty legal documents discovered at the ancient Jewish
military colony of Elephantine in Africa dating back to the 5th century
B.C. E.