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e w i s h
n n u a l
R e e s , J e a n A .
R o a d
novel. N e w York, R a n d o m , 1961. 279
p .
Novelized retelling of the stories of Abraham, Sarah and Lot.
R i f k i n , S h ep a rd .
W h a t ship? where bound? N e w York, Knopf, 1961. 254
p .
Volunteer crew of seamen on the first Irgun ship to run the British
blockade into Palestine in 1946.
R o s t e n , L e o .
Captain N e w m a n , M.D. N e w York, Harper, 1961. 352 p.
Anecdotes and case histories concerning Captain N e w m a n , chief of
the psychiatric ward at an Air Force base in the Southwest during the
R u b in , M i c h a e l .
A trip into town. N e w York, Harper, 1961. 216 p.
T h e story of Suki Goodman, Esther Weiss, Steven, young Jewish teen■
agers w h o break away from the confines of their suburban homes! and
indulgent parents and come to the big city to taste freedom and attend
the university.
S in g e r , I s a a c B a sh ev is .
T h e Spinoza of Market Street. Trans, from Yiddish.
N e w York, Farrar, Straus & Cudahy, 1961. 214 p.
Portrait of myriad types of Jews adding u p to a detailed panorama of
Jewish life, tradition and folklore in the late 19th and early 20th century
in Eastern Europe.
S k l a r , G e o r g e .
T h e identity of Dr. Frazier. N e w York, Knopf, 1961. 289 p.
While on holiday in Mexico Dr. Alexander Frazier, skilled surgeon,
Gentile, married to a Jewish w o m a n for twenty years, suddenly turns on
her and colleagues and reveals hidden elements in his psyche of un-
suspected ambitions, jealousies and a horrible anti-Semitism.
S l a u g h t e r , F r a n k
G. T h e curse of Jezebel. N e w York, Doubleday, 1961. 793 p.
Biblical story of Jezebel and her husband Ahab.
-----. David: warrior and king. N e w York, World, 1962. 411 p.
Biblical story of David in modern language.
S o n n t a g , J a c o b .
Caravan: a Jewish quarterly omnibus. N e w York, Barnes-
Yoseloff, 1962. 399 p.
Stories, poems and articles reflecting varied aspects of contemporary
Jewish life and thought; some original works in English as well as
translations from Hebrew, Yiddish and G e r m a n works.
S t a m p f e r , Ju d a h .
Sol Myers. N e w York, Macmillan, 1962. 215
p .
Story of S a m Cohen and Sol Myers during their first year in art school
in N e w York.
S t e r n , R i c h a r d
G. Europe: or u p and d o w n with Schreiber and baggish.
N e w York, 1961.
Three Americans w h o flee the country for various personal reasons.
S t i lm a n , A b ram .
Mariette. N e w York, Twayne, 1962. 288 p.
T h e story of Eric Levy, a Jewish law student, w h o meets Mariette
Allard, a Catholic, in Montreal, and h o w these two strong individuals
S u lk in , S id n ey .
T h e
f am i ly m a n .
N e w
Y ork , M cK ay ,
1962. 429 p.
Story of Harry Allman and his family in the Boston area from 1932
through the McCarthy era. T h e parents’constant tug of war over their
children and business problems are set within the framework of a very
Jewish background.
U r i s , L e o n .
Mila 18. N e w York, Doubleday, 1961. 539
p .
Mila 18 was the c o m m a n d post of the resistance m o v e m e n t organized
by the W a r s a w Jews. Excerpts from the journal of Alexander Brandel,
a gentile historian, relate the heroism of a handful of m e n and w o m e n
who, knowing they were doomed, defied the whole G e r m a n army with
their h o m e m a d e weapons and w o n the respect of the world.