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M. N.
— A
ewi sh
W a l l a n t , E dw a rd L ew is .
T h e pawnbroker. N e w York, Harcourt, Brace,
1961. 270 p.
Sol Nazerman, once a respected teacher in Poland, is n o w a pawn-
broker in Harlem with nothing left in his life but nightmare memories
of the death of his wife and children in a G e r m a n death camp. H e
finds, in the self-sacrifice of his assistant, a meaning for his o w n life.
W a r r e n , R o b e r t P e n n .
Wilderness: a tale of the Civil War. N e w York,
R a n d o m , 1961. 310 p.
In 1863 A d a m Rosenzweig left a Bavarian ghetto and came to America
to join the Union A r m y to fight for a cause he believed to be just.
Thwarted by a physical deformity he tried various means to find his
“truth,”only to be disillusioned.
W e idm a n , J e r om e .
M y father sits in the dark and other selected stories. N e w
York, R a n d o m , 1961. 521 p.
Stories that appeared in
The New Yorker
Good House-
and other magazines.
W h i t e , P a t r i c k .
Riders in the chariot. N e w York, Viking,
1961. 532 p .
A m o n g the four visionary riders is a G e r m a n Jewish refugee, Mordecai
Himmelfarb, a survivor of two World Wars. His trials and suffering were
not confined to Europe but reach an ironic climax w h e n he is strung u p
on G o o d Friday in m o c k crucifixion.
W i e s e l , E l i e .
T h e accident. Trans, from French by A n n Borchardt. N e w
York, Hill & Wan g , 1962. 128 p.
Eliezer, a correspondent for an Israeli newspaper and a survivor of
Auschwitz, is run over by a taxicab while crossing a N e w York street.
While hovering between life and death, he reviews his life in hopes of
finding some reason to live.
W i l c h e k , S t e l l a .
Ararat. N e w York, Harper, 1962. 563 p.
Story of a small group of Austrian Jews w h o managed to escape in
1938 and get to a South American country called El Paramo.
Z ad o r , H e in r i c h .
Hear the word! N e w York, McGraw, 1962. 256
p .
Biblical novel of Elijah and Elisha.
Z e ld i s , C h a y ym .
Streams in the wilderness. N e w York, Yoseloff, 1962. 285
p .
A group of restless American Jews decide to spend a year on a
Zionist pioneer training farm.