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there is a reading public that will accept these works. Apparently,
publishers are willing to produce books of Jewish content, as
is demonstrated by their seeking out writers and even providing
themes for handsomely produced volumes. We certainly do not
lack for subject matter: the drama of the Bible, the exciting
events of our historical heritage, the saga of our heroes, the
beauty of our traditions; these should, it seems, provide an
endless source of inspiration and information. What is wrong?
The public is there; the publishers are there; the wellspring is
there. Where are the writers? We hope they are all busy writing
next year’s Newbery Award winner!
A b r a h am s , R o b e r t
D. T h e sound of B o w Bells: Sir David Salomons. Illus. by
D a n Dickas. N e w York, Farrar, Straus and Cudahy; Philadelphia, Jewish
Publication Society
(Covenant books
), 1962. 190 p.
A biography of Sir David Salomons (1797-1873), the first Jew to be
elected Lord Mayor of London, (ages 10-14)
B r i c h t o , S id n ey .
A child’s first Bible. Illus. by Chet Kalm. N e w York,
Behrman, 1961. 63 p.
A quick race through the Bible achieving nothing more than a two
or three elementary sentence identification for each book, (ages 5*8)
C ed a rb aum , S o p h ia
N. Rosh Hashono and Y o m Kippur: the High Holy
Days; Shavuos: the birthday of the Torah; Sukos and Simhat Torah:
festivals of thanksgiving; Tu-Bi-Sh'vot: the N e w Year’s D a y for trees.
Illus. by Clare and John Ross. N e w York, Union of American Hebrew
Congregations, 1961. 4 books, 30 p. each.
Each book speaks to the American Jewish child of the holiday's mean-
ing and traditions at the level of his comprehension and in terms of
his activities, (ages 4-8)
C r o n b a c h , A b rah am .
Stories m a d e from Bible stories. N e w York, B o o k m a n
Associates, 1961. 312 p.
This collection consists of twenty-five talks based on biblical themes
that are embellished and altered to achieve the author’s aim of “inculcat-
ing a Judaism of spirituality.” (ages 12-16)
E f r o n , B en jam in .
Pathways through the prayerbook. Prayer translations by
Samuel M. Silver. Illus. by Uri Shulevitz. N e w York, Ktav, 1962. 136 p.
This book “seeks to deepen the understanding that students have of
the H e b r e w prayers that are found in the prayer book used in Reform
congregations.”Each prayer, printed in Hebr e w and English, is intro-
duced by a brief statement, (ages 11-13)
F e d e r -T a l , K a r a h .
T h e stone of peace. Trans, from Dutch by
H . R .
broek. Illus. by Alie Evers. N e w York, Abelard-Schuman, 1961. 192 p.
A quick moving, dramatic story of kibutz life in the desert, heightened
by the adventures of a Morroccan newcomer to the kibutz. (ages
Fine, H e len . Camp Kee-Tov: ethics for Jewish juniors. Illus. by Seymour
Fleishman. New York, Union of American Hebrew Congregations,
Experiences at ca m p serve as a point of departure for study and
discussion of ethical problems. Questions and exercises at the end of
each chapter, (ages 9-12)
T h e first seven days: the story of the creation from Genesis. Illus. by Paul
Galdone. N e w York, Crowell, 1962. n. p.
This book combines a simple Bible text with very lovely illustrations
to show what happened on each of the seven days of creation, (ages 4-8)
— A
ew i sh