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e w i s h
o ok
n n u a l
G r a n d , T a m a r .
C h a nukah make-believe. Illus. by Irv Sher. N e w York, Ktav,
1961. n.p.
A slight gadget book featuring an expandable, changeable cardboard
doll and a p o e m describing the various costumes, (ages 4-7)
H a m m o n t r e e , M a r i e .
Albert Einstein: young thinker. Indianapolis, Bobbs-
Merrill, 1961. 200 p.
A fictionalized biography for the very young reader, (ages 7-10)
H a n d in hand: a pictorial story of a nine year old Catholic boy and a seven
year old Jewish friend, Rachel. Adapted from the Helen Winston
Production, a screenplay by Diana Morgan, based on the story by Sidney
Harmon. N e w York, Whittlesey House, 1961. 57 p. (ages 9-12)
K ipn is , L e v in .
M y holidays: holiday stories for children. Trans, from H e b r e w
by Israel M. Goodelman. Drawings and illus. by Isar. Tel-Aviv, N.
Tversky, 1961. 190 p.
K la p e rm a n , L ibby .
T h e soldier-fighter: the story of Saadia Gaon. Illus. by
Charles Walker. N e w York, Farrar, Straus and Cudahy; Philadelphia,
Jewish Publication Society
(Covenant books
) , 1961. 190 p.
T h e thrilling story of the 10th century sage and philosopher w h o stood
u p for his convictions.
K r e n t e l , M i ld r e d .
2 by 2. Illus. by William Lent. N e w York, Loizeaux Bros.,
1961. n.p.
A N o a h’s ark story, (ages 4-6)
M a n d e l , M o r r is .
Thirteen: a teen-age guide to Judaism. Illus. by Lil
Goldstein. N e w York, Jonathan David, 1961. 109 p.
A super-charged Bar Mitzvah charge. A handsomely illustrated book
of sermons for children from the Orthodox point of view, (ages 12-15)
O r l e a n s , I l o .
Within thy hand: m y p o e m book of prayers. Illus. by Siegmund
Forst. N e w York, Union of American Hebr e w Congregations, 1961. 70 p.
A beautifully illustrated attempt to translate the Siddur into prayer-
poems of significance to the modern child, (ages 6-9)
P in s ,
A. M., and
G in sb u rg , M a r v e l l .
M y Rosh Hashanah prayerbook. M y
Y o m Kippur prayerbook. Pictures by Robin King. N e w York, Behrman,
1962. 22 p.
Picture prayerbooks for the very young. Useful for the home, the
nursery school and children’s services. Paper cover, (ages 4-7)
S am u e ls , G e r t r u d e .
B-G, fighter of Goliath: the story of David Ben-Gurion.
N e w York, Crowell, 1961. 275 p.
A n exciting rendition of Ben-Gurion’s life excellently recounted against
the historical events of his milieu, (ages 13 and up)
S am u e ls , R u t h .
O u r T e n Commandments. Illus.
b y
Uri Shulevitz. N e w
York, Ktav, 1961. n.p.
A n attractive but “cute”presentation, (ages 4-8)
S a u l , S h u r a .
T h e right to be different. Chicago, National Jewish Welfare
Board, Mid-west Section, 1961. 128 p.
Twenty-one biographical sketches of Jews and non-Jews w h o “dared
to be different”in order to help m a k e a better world, (ages 13-16)
S c h a r f s t e i n , E d y t h e a n d S o l .
M y first H e b r e w prayerbook. Illus. by Uri
Shulevitz. N e w York, Ktav, 1961. n.p.
Everyday, Sabbath and holiday prayers in H e b r e w and in fairly good
simple free translation, (ages 5-8)
-----. Singing shamos & gelt that grew: a 2-in-l book. Illus. by Ezekiel
Schloss. N e w York, Ktav, 1961. n.p.
T w o rather trite stories that add little to either knowledge or literary