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ew i sh
S im o n , N o rm a .
Every Friday night. T u Bishvat. M y family Seder. Illus. by
Harvey Weiss. N e w York, United Synagogue Commission on Jewish
Education, 1961. 3 books, n.p.
Attractively illustrated little books for the very young.
S k u l s k y ,
S. (Simhoni). Legends of Abraham, the partriarch. Legends of
Joseph and his brothers. Legends of Joshua. Legends of Moses, the law-
giver. Legends of Q u e e n Esther. Legends of Ruth. Retold for Jewish
youth. English by I. M. Lask. Illus. by A. Luizada. N e w York, Shulsinger
Bros., 1961. 6 books, 64 p. each.
These books translated from the H e b r e w have a breezy, colloquial
style, but neither the literary style nor the format seems to be especially
attractive to the American child, (ages 9-12)
V e r e d , B e n .
W h y is Hanukkah? Illus. by Siegmund Forst. N e w York, Shul-
singer Bros., 1961. n.p.
W e i l e r s t e i n , S ad ie R o s e .
T e n and a kid. Illus. by Jamina Domanska. N e w
York, Doubleday, 1961. 186 p.
A delightfully charming portrait of family life in a Lithuanian village
at the turn of the century. It exudes a w a r m sense of family unity
and the festive spirit of traditional holiday observances, (ages 8-12)
W in e r , B a r t .
Life in the ancient world. Illus. by Steele Savage. N e w York,
R a n d o m House, 1961. 216 p.
A n attractive, readable volume. Contains chapters on: Mesopotamia;
Egypt; Palestine; Iran; Crete; Greece; Rome, (ages 11-14)
Z e l ig s , D o r o t h y F .
T h e story of m o d e m Israel for young people: rev. ed.
N e w York, Bloch, 1961. 437 p.
A vivid and well-written history of Israel brought u p to date. T h e
book is in four parts: a tour through Israel; the history of Zionism;
the birth of Israel; the first period of statehood, (ages 12-15)