Page 211 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 20

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A N G L O - J E W I S H B O O K S
1 9 6 1 - 1 9 6 2
l iza b eth
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p pler
HE trend in this year's literary output varied slightly from
that of the previous year. There were fewer novels and
short stories, but a larger number of books on Judaism, philos-
ophy and history. There was a marked interest in Jewish affairs
and in Judaism generally on the part of Christian theologians.
Th is may be explained by the recent meeting of the World
Council of Churches which passed an important resolution against
anti-Semitism, and by the imminent Ecumenical Council of the
Roman Church which w ill discuss its relationship to other faiths.
There were also a few works dealing w ith the causes of anti-
An important publication during the period under review was
Ruth P. Lehmann’s
Nova B ibliotheca Anglo-Judaica,
a bib-
liography of Anglo-Jewish history, 1937-1960.
Although more books of Jewish interest were published this
year, there is still a dearth of children’s books. Th is was evident
during Jewish Book Week, when the World Jewish Congress,
British Section, mounted an exhibition of books for Jewish
children and youth. The majority of children’s books were
Th is year marked the 10th anniversary of the Jewish Book
Council of England, again with book exhibitions and lectures.
Professor David Daiches set the theme with his inaugural lecture
“The Jewish Writer in the Western World,” and was followed
by Dr. Ch. Szmeruk who spoke on “Hebrew and Yiddish Pub-
lications in the Soviet Un ion .” Other lecturers were Miss Gerda
Charles, Mr. Bernard Kops, Mr. Jacob Sonntag and Mr. Levi
Gertner. The highlight of the Week was the afternoon when
upwards of 500 children from Jewish day schools visited the
exhibition and heard talks on the meaning of Jewish books.
A b rah am s , G e r a ld .
T h e Jewish mind. London, Constable, 1962. 352 p.
A l l i g h a n , G a r r y .
T h e Welensky story. London, Macdonald, 1962. 308 p.
Biography of Sir R o y Welensky, Prime Minister of the Federation
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