Page 214 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 20

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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
H e r t z b e r g , A r t h u r ,
ed. Judaism. London, Prentice-Hall, 1962. 255 p.
(Great Religions of M o d e r n Ma n )
H e r z l , T h e o d o r .
Altneuland. Tr. from G e r m a n by P. Arnold. London,
Deutsch, 1961. 226 p.
H i l b e r g , P a u l .
T h e destruction of the European Jews. London, W .
H .
1961. 800 p.
I s a a c , J u l e s .
T h e Christian roots of anti-Semitism. Tr. from French by D.
& J. Parkes. Barley, Parkes Library, 1961. 30 p.
J a c o b s , L o u is .
Studies in Talmudic logic and methodology. London, Val-
lentine, Mitchell, 1961. 172 p.
Jewish Chronicle travel guide 1962. Ed. by ‘Green Flag’. London, Jewish
Chronicle, 1962• 272 p.
T h e Jewish yearbook 1962. Ed. by H u g h Harris. London, Jewish Chronicle,
1961. 342 p.
J a c o b .
T h e spiritual history of Israel. London, Eyre & Spottiswoode,
1962. 256 p.
J o s ep h , D o v .
T h e faithful city: the siege of Jerusalem, 1948. London, Hogarth,
1962. 344 p.
J o y , C h a r l e s
R. Israel. London, Muller, 1961. 64 p.
Children’s book on Israel.
K amm , J o s e p h in e .
Return to freedom. London, Abelard-Schuman, 1962. 185
p .
Story of Jewish families before the return to England in the time
of Cromwell. Children’s book.
K a t z , J a c o b .
Exclusiveness and tolerance. Oxford, University Press, 1961.
216 p. (Scripta Judaica 3)
K a ־T z e t n i k
135633. Piepel. London, Blond, 1961. 288 p.
Experiences in the concentration camps.
K im c h e , J o n .
Spying for peace. London, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1961. 169 p.
Story of the Swiss General Guisan’s defiance of Hitler.
K i s h o n , E p h ra im .
Look back, Mrs. Lot! London, Deutsch, 1961. 256
p .
H u m o u r o u s sketches of life in Israel.
K r a in e s , O s ca r .
Government and politics in Israel. London, Allen & Unwin,
1962. 246 p. (Contemporary Government)
L am p e , D a v id
S z en a s i , L a s z l o .
T h e self-made villain: a biography of
I. T. Trebitsch-Lincoln. London, Cassell, 1961. 224 p.
L a n g fu s , A n n a .
T h e whole land brimstone. Tr. from French by Peter Wiles.
London, Collins, 1962. 318 p.
T h e Nazi invasion of Poland told by a Jewish girl.
L a w r e n c e ,
L e v a y ,
ed. A fountain of life. London, Vallentine, Mitchell,
1961. 196 p.
A n anthology of Jewish writings.
L e a n e y , A l f r e d R o b e r t C l a r e . F rom J u d a e a n caves . L o n d o n , R e l ig io u s E d u ca -
t io n ,
1961. 128
p . (P a th f in d e r )
L e a r s i , R u f u s .
Filled with laughter. London, Yoseloff, W . H. Allen, 1961.
352 p.
Jewish humour.
L e h m a n n , R u t h
P. Nova bibliotheca anglo-judaica. London, Jewish Historical
Society of England, 1962. 232 p.
Bibliography of Anglo-Jewish history 1937-1960.
L e l y v e l d , T o b y .
Shylock on the stage. London, Routledge & Kegan Paul
1961. 160 p.
L ev , Am os .
Wi t h ploughshare and sword: life in the army of Israel. London,
Yoseloff, W . H. Allen, 1962. 352 p.