Page 216 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 20

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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
R o s e n b e r g , S t u a r t
E. Bridge to brotherhood. London, Abelard-Schuman,
1961. 192 p.
Judaism’s dialogue with Christianity.
R o s e n t h a l , E rw in
J. Judaism and Islam. London, Yoseloff, W o r l d Jewish
Congress, British Section, 1961. 145 p. (Popular Jewish Library)
R o t h , C e c i l ,
ed. Jewish
ar t .
W . H .
Allen, 1961. 440
p .
R u d n ik , I t z h a k .
Sepher Sadeh Yitzhak. London, author, 1961. 207 p.
Halachic problems.
R u s s e l l , H e r b e r t
B a n e i , M a r g a r e t .
Villa Vardi. London, Davies, 1961.
272 p.
Novel set in Israel during the Sinai campaign.
S a m u e l , M a u r ic e .
T h e second crucifixion. London, Gollancz, 1961. 384 p.
S am u e l , V i s c o u n t
D i n g l e , H e r b e r t .
A threefold cord: philosophy, science
and religion. London, Allen & Unwin, 1961. 280 p.
S c h e c h tm a n , J o s e p h
B. O n wings of eagles. London, Yoseloff, W . H. Allen,
1962. 492 p.
Development and growth of the State of Israel.
-----. Star in eclipse: Russian Jewry revisited. London, Yoseloff, W . H.
Allen, 1962. 256 p.
S c hm id t , G e o r g .
Chagall. Ed. by Sir John Rothenstein. London, Oldbourne,
1961. 21 p. 10 color plates.
S c h w a r z s c h i ld , S t e v e n S.
Franz Rosenzweig, 1886-1929. London, Hillel Foun-
dation, 1961. 48 p. (Makers of M o d e m Jewish History)
S h am ir , M o sh e .
T h e fifth wheel. Tr. from H e b r e w by Aubrey Hodes. London,
Bodley Head, 1961. 128 p. (Earlham Library)
Story for children set in a Kibbutz.
S h a r e f , Z eev .
Three days. London, W .
H .
Allen, 1962. 192 p.
T h e last days before the declaration of the State of Israel.
S h e w e l l -C o o p e r , W i l f r e d E dw a rd .
Plants and fruits of the Bible. London,
Darton, L o n g m a n and Todd, 1962. 173 p.
S i e g e l , B en jam in . A
kind of justice. London, Macdonald, 1961.
S imm on s , V iv ia n
G. T h e path of life. London, Vallentine, Mitchell, 1961.
224 p.
Study of the background to practical Liberal Judaism.
S in g e r , I s a a c B a sh ev is .
T h e magician of Lublin. Tr. from Yiddish by E.
Gottlieb and J. Singer. London, Seeker & Warburg, 1961. 224 p.
Story of a scandalous magician in 19th century Poland.
-----. T h e Spinoza of Market street. Tr. from Yiddish. London, Seeker &
Warburg, 1962. 214 p.
Short stories.
S k in n e r , J o h n .
Prophecy and religion. Cambridge, University Press, 1961.
351 p.
Life and teaching of the Prophet Jeremiah.
S m i th , A s h l e y .
T h e East-Enders. London, Seeker & Warburg, 1961. 192 p.
(Britain Alive)
Social inquiry into London's East End.
S o n n t a g , J a c o b ,
ed. Caravan. London, Yoseloff, W . H. Allen, 1962. 352 p.
Short stories, essays and poems published in the
Jewish Quarterly.
S p i c e h a n d l e r , D a n i e l .
Burnt offering. London, Macmillan, 1961. 248 p.
Novel set in Israel during the war of independence.
S t e r l i n g , C ra ig .
T h e scarlet blossom. London, Heinemann, 1961. 361 p.
Novel about a German-Jewish doctor in Australia.