Page 227 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 20

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— J
e w i s h
oo k
o u n c i l
o f
mer ica
A Manual for Jewish Commun ity Center, Synagogue and
School Libraries,
by Sophia N . Cedarbaum, was published. In-
tended to replace the out-of-print
The Jewish Library in Center,
Synagogue and School,
the new book is meeting a pressing need.
Jewish Reference Books: A Select L ist,
by Herbert C. Zafren,
an off-print from this volume of the
Jewish Book Annual,
likewise issued to meet an existing demand.
T o stimulate Jewish Book Month activities on the theme of
“T h e Bible: Eternal Book,” the follow ing publications were
The B ib le: Eternal Book,
an essay by A. Alan Steinbach
B ib le Programs for Jewish Book M on th ,
by Hannah Grad
Th e B ib le: A Short B ibliography,
by Sophia N . Cedarbaum
American Jewish Translations of the B ib le ,
by Bernard J.
T h e follow ing materials, published in previous years, were
also made available:
Jewish Book Fairs: A Planning Guide,
by Abraham Kasten-
Jewish Book Programs
Jewish Book Council Flyer
Jewish Book M on th in Pub lic Libraries,
by Gertrude Finkel
Bookmarks for Jewish Book Month
Jewish Book Shop,
by Isidore Cooperman
Jewish Book Festival,
English and Yiddish editions
R ead ing Circles for Women
The Jewish L ibrary in School, Center and Synagogue,
by Jacob
S. Golub
Jewish Books in Jewish Schools,
by Philip Goodman
A Book R ev iew Symposium,
by Mortimer J. Cohen
How to Publicize Your Jewish Book M on th Programs
o ster s
Poster for Jewish Book Month
Children’s Poster
r a m a t ic
a t e r ia l
Th e Magic Book Shop,
by Sally Miller Brash
I f Books Could Ta lk ,
by Sally Miller Brash
And I t Was W r itten , and I t Shall Be R ead ,
by Martha
Th e L i t t le Book,
by Than R . Wyenn