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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
ib l io g r a p h ie s
A Book list for the Jewish A d u l t ,
by Solomon Grayzel
The Jewish Ch ild in Book land ,
by Fanny Goldstein
Selected Books on Israel,
by Sylvia Landress
Books on Israel for Children
Selected Yiddish Books for a L ibrary
(in Yiddish)
The Jewish Press: A Selected L is ting
Paperbound Books of Jewish In terest,
By Diana Bernstein
General Reference Books for Jewish Research,
by Sheva G.
Jewish Book Annual
As with previous volumes, the publication of volume 20 of
Jewish Book Annual
was made possible through the gen-
erosity of the Council’s sponsor, the National Jewish Welfare
Board, the cooperation of the national Jewish organizations af-
filiated with the Council, the Lucius N . Littauer Foundation,
and many individuals who recognized the value of this record of
Jewish literary achievement. Among them mention is made of
Hayyim Bass, Dr. Mortimer J. Cohen, Solomon Kerstein, Dr.
Gilbert Klaperman, Harry Starr and Dr. A. Alan Steinbach.
T h e importance of the
Annua l
has been repeatedly under-
scored. Dr. Elazar Golman concludes a lengthy review in
Social Studies
with the statement that “the reader realizes the
abiding value of the
Jewish Book Annua l
from the literary, his-
torical and promotional points of view.” Dr. Samuel M. Blumen-
field writes in the
Bu lletin
of the New York Board of Rabbis:
“The 19th volume of the
Jewish Book Annual,
under its dedi-
cated editor, A. Alan Steinbach, has again presented a panorama
o f rich literary activity of ‘Catholic Israel’ . . . If the main pur-
pose is to whet one’s appetite for reading and studying Jewish
works, a sort of
zil gmor,
volume 19 achieves this purpose abun-
dantly and effectively.”
In Jewish Bookland
Following the resignation of Dr. Solomon Grayzel from the
editorship of
In Jewish Bookland,
which office he held for eleven
years, Dr. A. Alan Steinbach, at the invitation of the Executive
Board of the Council, agreed to serve as editor.
T h e following also serve on the Editorial Board of
In Jewish
Philip Goodman, Associate Editor, L ionel Koppman,
Managing Editor; Dr. Mortimer J. Cohen and Dr. Solomon
Grayzel, Consultants; Dr. Jacob Kabakoff, Hebrew Books; Dr. Sol
Liptzin, Yiddish Books; Charles Angoff, Dr. Bernard J. Bamber-
ger and Dr. Morris Epstein. In addition to the above, approxi-
mately forty authorities in various fields regularly contribute
book reviews.