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Nat ional Library Week
Th e National Book Committee, sponsor of the National Li-
brary Week held April 8-14, 1962, requested the cooperation of
the Council in stimulating Jewish organizations to participate in
this program, which was gladly given. We also arranged to send
letters urging participation in National Library Week to the
members of the National Committee of the Council and to all
Jewish Community Centers.
American Library Association Exhibi t
W ith the active cooperation of the Bureau of Jewish Educa-
tion of Greater Miami, the Council arranged an exh ib it booth
at the annual convention of the American Library Association
held in June, 1962, in Miami Beach. T h e several thousand librar-
ians from all parts of the Un ited States and other countries who
attended the convention had an opportunity to see and learn
about Jewish books.
Library Citations
A total of 139 libraries of Jewish Community Centers, Jewish
schools, synagogues and other agencies have been awarded the
citations presented by the Council for meeting specified criteria.
Th e following libraries received citations in 1962:
Temple Israel
Memphis, Tenn .
Temp le Israel of Greater
Miami, Fla.
Temp le Beth Sholom
Miami Beach, Fla.
Temp le Emanu-El
Providence, R. I.
Central Synagogue of
Nassau County
Rockville Centre, N . Y.
Th e Sam E. Smith Library
Temp le of Aaron
St. Paul, Minn.
Davis Library
Temp le Emanu-El
Tucson, Arizona
East Midwood Jewish Center
Brooklyn, N . Y.
Jewish Center of Kew
Gardens H ills
Flushing, N . Y.
Lt. Marvin S. Ackerman
Memorial Library
Temp le Beth Sholom
Flushing, N . Y.
Temp le Beth El
Hollywood, Fla.
Fannie Mae Theodore
Memorial Library
Temp le Beth Sholom
Hollywood, Fla.
Joseph H. Corwin Library
Temp le Israel
Hollywood, Calif.
Beth Israel Center
Madison, Wise.