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Isaac Siegel Memor ial Juveni le Award
T h e Isaac Siegel Memorial Juvenile Award consisting of $250
and a citation was granted to Sadie Rose Weilerstein, A tlantic
City, N . J., for her
Ten and A K id
(New York, Doubleday &
C o .) . T h e judges were: Dr. Morris Epstein, New York; Mrs.
Deborah Karp, Rochester, N . Y.; and Mrs. Deborah Pessin, New
Harry and Ethel Daroff Memor ial Fiction Award
T h e Harry and Ethel Daroff Memorial Fiction Award, also
consisting of $250 and a citation, was given to Samuel Yellen,
Bloomington, Ind., for his
The W edd ing Band
(New York,
A th en eum ) . The judges were: Charles Angoff, David Boroff and
Leo W. Schwarz, all of New York.
Harry and Florence Kovner Memor ial Poetry Awards
T h e Harry and Florence Kovner Memorial Poetry Awards,
each valued at $100 plus a citation, were presented to authors of
published volumes of Jewish poetry in Hebrew, Yiddish and Eng-
lish: Gabriel Preil, New York, for his volume of Hebrew poetry,
M ape t Erev
(Tel Aviv, D v ir ) ; Israel Emiot, Rochester, for his
Yiddish work,
In N igun Eingehart
(Rochester Culture C oun c i l) ;
and Irving Feldman for
Works and Days and O ther Poems
ton, Little, Brown
C o .) . Judges for the Hebrew award were:
Dr. M ilton Arfa, New York; Dr. Jacob Kabakoff, Cleveland and
Dr. Eisig Silberschlag, Boston. The Yiddish recipient was selected
by Hayyim Bass, Dr. Sol Liptzin, Yudel Mark and Moshe Stark-
man, all of New York. Judges for the English award were Leo
W. Schwarz, Dr. Judah Stampfer and Dr. A. Alan Steinbach of
New York.
Annual Meet ing
T h e Annual Meeting of the Council was held on May 15,
1962 at the Buttenweiser Hall, YM &YWHA, New York City. Dr.
Gilbert Klaperman, chairman of the annual meeting committee,
was elected as president of the Council, succeeding Dr. A. Alan
Steinbach. Other officers elected were: Dr. Maurice Jacobs, Phila-
delphia, Harry Schneiderman, New York, Solomon Kerstein,
New York, and Harry Starr, New York, vice-presidents; Dr. I.
Edward Kiev, New York, secretary; and Hayyim Bass, New York,
T h e annual literary awards were presented by Joseph Daroff,
M ilton Kovner and Mrs. Annie N . Siegel. Dr. I. Edward Kiev
presented the library citations.