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Memorial tributes were paid to Fanny Goldstein and Daniel
Persky, by Solomon Kerstein and Samuel J. Borowsky, respec-
A special citation and a gift were presented to Dr. Solomon
Grayzel, by Ph ilip Goodman, on behalf of the Council.
Dr. A. Alan Steinbach delivered the main address on “The
Bible: Eternal Book” (printed in this v o lum e ) .
Citation to Solomon Grayzel
T e x t of citation presented to Dr. Solomon Grayzel at the an-
nual meeting of the Council:
“The Jewish Book Council of America, sponsored by the Na-
tional Jewish Welfare Board, presents this citation to Dr. Solo-
mon Grayzel, author, critic, editor of the Jewish Publication So-
ciety of America, whose fruitful literary creativity has enriched
Jewish letters. H e has served the Council with distinction since
its founding: as president for six years, as editor of the
Book Annual
for two years, and as editor of
In Jewish Bookland
for the past eleven years.
“Grateful for his zealous labors on behalf of Jewish books and
for his devotion to the advancement of Jewish culture, the Na-
tional Committee expresses profound esteem and prayerful hopes
that Dr. Solomon Grayzel w ill for many years continue as an in-
spiration to the People of the Book.”
Citation to A. Alan Steinbach
Following is the text of the citation awarded to Dr. A. Alan
Steinbach upon his retirement as president of the Council:
“The Jewish Book Council of America, sponsored by the Na-
tional Jewish Welfare Board, presents to Dr. Alexander Alan
Steinbach, this evidence of its appreciation of his faithful and
loyal service as president of the Council from 1958 to 1962. His
devotion to our cause has been an inspiration and encourage-
ment to his colleagues.
“As rabbi, author, poet and community leader, Dr. Steinbach
has made enduring contributions to the American Jewish com-
“The members of the National Committee of the Jewish Book
Council of America at the annual meeting, on May 15, 1962, offer
him this token of their high esteem and gratitude.
“May Dr. Steinbach continue to sustain us from the abundant
harvest of his literary sowing. May the Almighty bless him and
his work.”