Page 232 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 20

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D i n a A b r a m o w i c z ,
assistant librarian, Yivo Institute for Jewish
C h a r l e s A n g o f f ,
novelist, short story writer and literary critic;
author of a multi-volume fictional study of Jewish-American
life since 1900; professor of literature at Fairleigh Dickinson
University and New York University.
B .
B i a l o s t o t z k y ,
poet, essayist, lecturer; writer for
and literary journals; author of many volumes.
P r o f . H a r r y B l u m b e r g ,
chairman, Hebrew Division, Hunter
College, New York.
S o p h i a N . C e d a r b a u m ,
children’s librarian; author of Jewish
I d a B . D a v i d o w i t z , d r a m a c r i t i c ,
Jerusalem Post.
D r . E l i z a b e t h E . E p p l e r ,
archivist, World Jewish Congress, Eu-
ropean Division.
A a r o n G l a n z - L e y e l e s s ,
president, Yiddish PEN Center, New
M e n a h e m
G l e n n ,
author of
Israel Salanter: Religious-
Ethical Th inker
and other works; contributor to Hebrew,
Yiddish and Jewish-American press; critic, short-story writer,
essayist, lexicographer.
P h i l i p G o o d m a n ,
director, Jewish education, Jewish Community
Center Division, National Jewish Welfare Board; author of
R e jo ice in Thy Festival, The Purim An tho logy
Passover Anthology.
D r . J a c o b K a b a k o f f ,
dean, Cleveland Institute of Jewish
Studies; editor, Hebrew books,
In Jewish Bookland.
D r .
E d w a r d K i e v ,
librarian, Hebrew Un ion College-Jewish
Institute of Religion, New York.
M a r y
N .
K i e v ,
librarian, Temp le Emanu-El, New York.
D r.
M i l t o n
K o n v i t z ,
professor, industrial and labor relations
and of law, Cornell University; member, editorial boards
M idstream ;
fellow, American Association
for Jewish Education.