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o l u m e s
11 -20
Book Lore: Ladies and Converts
and Tomes, by Solomon Feffer.
Bookplates, Love of Books as Re-
vealed in Jewish, by Philip Good-
man. 12:77-90.
Boraisha-Fogel, Adah, Shakespeare
Translations in Yiddish. 14:32-37.
Cahan, Poetic Path of Yaakov, by
Isaiah Rabinovich. (H) 19:113-
Canadiana, Literature of Jewish, by
David Rom e . 18:44-53.
Cedarbaum, Sophia N., American
Jewish Juvenile Books. 20:164—
1 6 7 -
Centers, Literary Contributions of
Jewish Community, by Mordecai
Soltes. 12:67-71.
Chagall in the Anglo-Saxon World,
by Alfred Werner. 15:76-83.
Churgin, Pinkhos, by Sidney B.
Hoenig. 16:105-107.
Cohen, Mortimer J., Great Jewish
Books and Civilization. 11:3-11;
T h e Dropsie College and Its Con-
tributions to Jewish Literature.
Davidowitz, Ida B., Israeli Drama.
D e a d Sea Scrolls, Selected Books
on, by Cyrus H. Gordon. 17:12-
Dienstag, Jacob I., Maimonides: A
Selected Bibliography, 13:58-69.
Drama, Israeli, by Ida B. Davido-
witz. 20:20-24.
Dropsie College and Its Contribu-
tions to Jewish Literature, by
Mortimer J. Cohen. 13:29-38.
D u b n o w ’s Thought, Sources of
Simon, by Aaron A. Steinberg.
Dworkin, Evlin Yehoash, Yehoash
A t His Work. 11:186-188.
East-European Jewry in the United
States, Literature on the Pioneer
Era of, by M o s h e Starkman. (Y)
Eidelberg, Shlomo, Ra b b e n u Ger-
shorn. 17:49-52.
Eisenberg, Azriel, Mordecai Soltes.
Encyclopedias and other Reference
Works in the Last T w e n t y Years,
Jewish, by A b r a h a m Berger and
Renate Kaufmann. 15:41-49.
England. See Anglo-Jewish Books.
Azulai, H a y y i m Joseph David, by
Theodore Friedman. 14:63-69.
Bamberger, Bernard J., American
Jewish Translations of the Bible.
Bavli, Hillel, by Jacob Kabakoff.
(H) 20:76-83.
B e n Jacob, Isaac, by G. Kressel.
(H) 20:95-99.
B e n Yehuda, Eliezer, by Joseph
Klausner. 16:41-46.
Berger, Abraham, and Kaufmann,
Renate, Jewish Encyclopedias and
other Reference Works in the Last
T w e n t y Years. 15:41-49.
Berger, Abraham, Joshua Bloch. 16:
102-104; Three Paths in Hasid-
ism. 19:67-74.
Bernstein, Edgar, Jewish Writers in
South Africa, 18:54-61.
Bernstein, Simon, by Harry Blum-
berg. 20:111-117.
Bialik, H a y y i m N a h m a n , by M a x
Zeldner. 11:154-156.
Bialik5s Works in English Transla-
tion, by Jacob Kabakoff. 17:
Bialostotzky, B. J., Z. Libin: Pio-
neer of Yiddish Literature in
America. 11:169-171; American
Yiddish Literature. 12:34-44;
Morris Rosenfeld. 20:100-106.
Bible, American Jewish Translations
of the, by Bernard J. Bamberger.
Bible, The, Eternal Book, by A. Alan
Steinbach. 20:5-19.
Biblical History and Archeology,
Recent Selected Books on, by
Harry M . Orlinsky. 18:38-43.
Bickel, Shlomo, T h e Principal
T h e m e in the Novels and Stories
of Joseph Opatoshu. (Y) 13:43-
48; H. Leivick. (Y) 18:128-134.
Bloch, Joshua, American Jewish
Literature: A Tercentenary Re-
view. 12:17-28; Shakespeare in
H e b r e w Garb. 14:23-31; Moritz
Steinschneider .15:88-93.
Bloch, Joshua, by A b r a h a m Berger.
Bloch Publishing Company, Hu n d r e d
Years of the, by Solomon Grayzel.
Blumberg, Harry, Moses ibn Ezra.
18:81-85; Simon Bernstein. 20:
Blumenfield, Samuel M., Rashi and
the Problem of Jewish Adjustment
in His Time. 14:56-62.