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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
Glanz-Leyeles, A., J. J. Schwartz.
(Y) 20:124-131.
Glanz-Leyeles, A., by Melech Ra-
vitch. (Y) 19:107-112.
Glatzer, N a h u m N., T h e Writings
of Leopold Zunz. 19:85-89.
Glenn, M e n a h e m G., Selected He-
brew Bibliography of American
Jewish History. (H) 12:51-59;
H e b r e w Literature in Israel. (H)
11:60-94; (H) 13:145-159; (H)
14:151-161; (H) 15:167-175;
(H) 16:191-201; Isaac Baer
Levinsohn. 17:59-64; Daniel
Persky. 20:73-75.
Goldstein Fanny, American Jewish
Juvenile Books. 11:27-31; 12:
114-119; 13:89-92; 14:101-104;
15:116-119; 16:131-135.
Goldstein, Fanny, by Charles Angoff.
G o o d m a n , Philip, Jewish Book
Council of America, Annual Re-
port. 11:189-199; 12:171-177;
182; 16:202-211; 17:179-184;
18:229-238; 19:206-213; 20:
220-225; T h e Prince of the Ghet-
to. 11:176-177; Love of Books
as Revealed in Jewish Bookplates.
Gordon, Cyrus H., Selected Books
on the D e a d Sea Scrolls. 17:
Grayzel, Solomon, A H u n d r e d Years
of the Bloch Publishing Company.
Great Jewish Books and Civilization,
by Mortimer J. Cohen. 11:3-11.
Great Jewish Books: Old and Ne w ,
by Leon Roth. 14:3-16.
Halkin, Shimon, S. J. A g n o n at
Seventy. 16:47-54.
Ha-Poel Ha-Tzair,
by G. Kressel.
(H) 15:64-67.
Hasidism, Three Paths in, by Abra-
h a m Berger. 19:67-74.
Hassidic Influences in Imaginative
English Literature, by Joseph
Leftwich. 17:3-11.
H e b r e w Books. See Israel.
H e b r e w Books in America, by
Daniel Persky. (H) 11:41-59;
(H) 12:120-138; (H) 13:93-
106; (H) 14:105-117; (H) 15:
120-134; (H) 16:136-152; (H)
17:115-126; (H) 18:166-181;
(H) 19:157-168; by Theodore
Wiener. (H) 20:168-177.
English Literature, Bibliography of
Yiddish Translations of, by M a y e r
Horowitz. 11:136-153.
Eppler, Elizabeth E., Anglo-Jewish
Books. 19:192-197; 20:205-212.
Eretz-Israel in H e b r e w Manuscripts
and Prints, Illustrations of, by Zev
Vilnay. 16:36-40.
Ethnology and Folklore of Various
Jewish Communities, by H a i m
Schwarzbaum. 19:23-32.
Ettinger, Solomon, by Jacob Shatzky.
(Y) 13:49-54.
Feffer, Solomon, T h e Literary Con-
tributions of Wolf Heidenheim.
14:70-75; Judah Abarbanel and
the Doctrine of Divine Love, 17:
53-58; O f Ladies and Converts
and Tomes. 19:3-16.
Feinberg, Leon, S. Frug— T h e Poet
of the Jewish “C u p of Sorrow.”
Fichman, Jacob, by Eisig Silbersch-
lag. 11:157-159.
Fiction Books, American Jewish, by
M a r y N. Kiev. 11:22-26; 12:
108-113; 13:85-88; 14:97-100;
15:112-115; 16:126-130; 17:
107-110; 18:158-161; 19:147-
151; 20:159-163.
Fiction, Impressions of Contempo-
rary Jewish-American, by Charles
Angoff. 14:17-22.
Fineman, Irving, Henrietta Szold as
Writer. 18:95-99.
Folklore of Various Jewish C o m -
munities, Ethnology and, by H a i m
Schwarzbaum. 19:23-32.
Friedman, Lee M., American Jew-
ish Literary “Firsts.” 12:45-50.
Friedman, Philip, Bibliography of
the W a r s a w Ghetto. 11:121-128;
T h e Fate of the Jewish Book Dur-
ing the Nazi Era. 15:3-13.
Friedman, Philip, by Yudel Mark.
(Y) 18:76-80.
Friedman, Theodore, H a y y i m Joseph
David Azulai. 14:63-69.
Frischman, David, by A. R. Malachi.
Frug, S., by Leon Feinberg. (Y)
Geiger, Abraham, by Felix A. Levy.
Gershom, Rabbenu, by Shlomo Eidel-
berg. 17:49-52.
Gewirtz, Leonard B., T h e Writings
of R a v A b r a h a m Isaac Kook. 18: