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Israeli Drama, by Ida B. Davidowitz.
Israeli Literature in English Garb,
by Jacob Kabakoff. 16:55-67.
Israeli Novelists, Sabra School of,
by Ezra Spicehandler. 19:33-45.
Jacobowsky, G. Vilh., Jewish Litera-
ture in S w e d e n and in Swedish.
Jaffe, Mordecai, T e n Years of Yid-
dish Literature and Culture in
Israel. (Y) 16:23-35.
Jewish Book Council of America,
Annual Report, by Philip Good-
man. 11:189-199; 12:171-177;
13:160-166; 14:162-168; 15:
176-182; 16:202-211; 17:179-
184; 18:229-238; 19:206-213;
Jewish Book During the Nazi Era,
by Philip Friedman. 15:3-13.
Jewish Book M o n t h Observance in
1960, by Samuel Asofsky. 19:214-
Jewish C o m m u n i t y Centers, Literary
Contributions of, by Mordecai
Soltes. 12:67-71.
Jewish Studies in the T e n Years of
the State of Israel, by G. Kressel.
(H) 17:19-27.
Jewish Writer: His W o r k and His
Public, by Meyer Levin. 16:81-84.
Jewish Writing, T h e m e s for, by
Alexander Alan Steinbach. 16:
Juvenile Books, American Jewish, by
Fanny Goldstein. 11:27-31; 12:
114-119; 13: 89-92; 14:101-104;
15:116-119; 16:131-135; by
Miriam Leikind. 17:111-114; by
Dorothy K. Kripke. 18:162-165;
19:152-156; by Sophia N. Cedar-
baum. 20:164-167.
Kabakoff, Jacob, A n Appraisal of
American H e b r e w Literature. (H)
13:9-19; Israeli Literature in
English Garb. 16:55-67; Bialik’s
Works in English Translation. 17:
73-81; Hillel Bavli. (H) 20:
Kahn, Sholom J., S o m e Younger
Poets of Israel. 18:20-37.
Kallen, Horace, by Milton R. Ko n -
vitz. 20:107-110.
Kaplan, Writings of Mordecai M.,
by Judah Nadich. 19:90-97.
Kaufmann, Renate, and Berger,
Abraham, Jewish Encyclopedias
H e b r e w Literature, Appraisal of
American, by Jacob Kabakoff.
(H) 13:9-19.
H e b r e w Literature in America at
the Tercentenary, by Eisig Sil-
berschlag. 12:29-33.
H e b r e w Literature in America, T w o
Progenitors of, by Eisig Silber-
schlag. 18:62-68.
H e b r e w Literature: T h e Art of the
Translator, by David Patterson.
H e b r e w Prose, Modern, by Joseph
Lichtenbaum. (H) 16:3-22.
H e b r e w Union College Library, by
Herbert C. Zafren. 20:45-52.
Heidenheim, Literary Contributions
of Wolf, by Solomon Feffer. 14:
Heine’s Homecoming, by Sol Lipt-
zin. 13:55-57.
Herzl, Theodor, the Playwright, by
Oskar K. Rabinowicz. 18:100-
Hess’ R o m e and Jerusalem, by Her-
bert Parzen. 19:75-79.
Hoenig, Sidney B., Pinkhos Churgin.
Horowitz, Mayer, Bibliography of
Yiddish Translations of English
Literature. (Y) 11:136-153.
Hyamson, Albert M., Recent Jewish
Books in English. 11:32-40.
Ibn Ezra, Moses, by Harry Blum-
berg. 18:81-85.
Israel, H e b r e w Books of, by M e n a -
h e m G. Glenn. (H) 11:60-94;
(H) 13:145-159; (H) 14:151-
161; (H) 15: 167-175; (H) 16:
191-201; by Ahi Sefer. (H) 17:
169-178; (H) 18: 219-228; (H)
19:198-205; (H) 20:213-219.
Israel, Jewish Studies in the T e n
Years of the State of, by G. Kres-
sel. (H) 17:19-27.
Israel, Libraries in, by Carl Alpert.
Israel, S o m e Younger Poets of, by
Sholom J. Kahn. 18:20-37.
Israel, T e n Years of Yiddish Litera-
ture and Culture in, by Mordecai
Jaffe. (Y) 16:23-35. ־
Israel, Yiddish Writers in, by Eph-
raim Auerbach. (Y) 19:46-53.
Israel and Zionism, American Books
on, by Carl Alpert. 11:19-21; by
Solomon Kerstein. 12:104-107;
13: 82-84; 14: 94-96; 15:109-
111. See also Non-fiction Books.