Page 238 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 20

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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
Levin, Meyer, T h e Jewish Writer:
His W o r k and His Public. 16:
Levinsohn, Isaac Baer, by M e n a h e m
G. Glenn. 17:59-64.
Levy, Felix A., L u d w i g Lewisohn.
14:46-55; A b r a h a m Geiger. 18:
Lewisohn, Ludwig, by Felix A. Levy.
Lexicography, Yiddish, by Shlomo
Noble. 19:17-22; Great Diction-
ary of Yiddish Language, by
Gershon Winer. 20:53-56.
Libin, Z., Pioneer of Yiddish Liter-
ature in America, by B. I. Bialo-
stotzky. 11:169-171.
Libraries in Israel, by Carl Alpert.
Libraries, O n Community, by
Marvin Lowenthal. 18:3-11.
Library, H e b r e w U n i o n College, by
Herbert C. Zafren. 20:45-52.
Lichtenbaum, Joseph, M o d e r n He-
brew Prose. (H) 16:3-22.
Liptzin, Sol, Introduction. 11:1-2;
A b r a h a m M a p u : Dr e a m e r of
Zion. 11:172-175; After Three
H u n d r e d Years: T h e Literary
Legend of the J e w — and the
Reality. 1 2 : 3 - 1 6 ; H e i n r i c h
Heine’s Homecoming. 13:55-57;
David Pinski: Nestor of Yiddish
Literature. 15:84-87; Kasrilevke
Revaluated: O n the Centenary of
Sholom Aleichem’s Birth. 16:90-
95; Yiddish D r a m a : A Century’s
Survey. 18:12-19; T h e Yiddish
Press: A Century’s Survey. 19:
60-66; Yiddish Lyrics: A Cen-
tury’s Survey. 20:37-44.
Literary Legend of the J e w — and
the Reality, by Sol Liptzin. 12:
Lowenthal, Marvin, O n C o m m u n i t y
Libraries. 18:3-11.
Maimo n i d e s : Selected Bibliography,
by Jacob I. Dienstag. 13:58-69.
Malachi, A. R., David Frischman.
K o l Mevasser.
Manuscripts and Prints, Illustrations
of Eretz-Israel in Hebrew, by Zev
Vilnay. 16:36-40.
M a p u , Abraham, Dr e a m e r of Zion,
by Sol Liptzin. 11:172-175.
Mark, Yudel, Jacob Levin. (Y) 17:
43-48; Philip Friedman. (Y) 18:
and other Reference Wor k s in the
Last T w e n t y Years. 15:41-49.
Kerstein, Solomon, American Books
on Israel and Zionism. 12:104-
107; 13:82-84; 14:94-96; 15:
Kiev, I. Edward, Jewish Non-Fiction
Books. 11:12-18; 12:91-103; 13:
73-81; 14:85-93; 15:100-108;
16:113-125; 17:95-106; 18:144-
157; 19:129-146;20:142-158.
Kiev, M a r y N., American Jewish
Fiction Books. 11:22-26; 12:108-
113; 13:85-88; 14:97-100; 15:
112-115; 16:126-130; 17:107-
110; 18:158-161; 19:147-151;
Klausner, Joseph, Eliezer B e n Ye-
huda. 16:41-46.
Klausner, Joseph, by Eisig Silber-
schlag. 17:38-42.
Ko l Mevasser,
by A. R. Malachi.
(Y) 20:84-93.
Konvitz, Milton R., Horace Kallen.
Kook, Writings of R a v A b r a h a m
Isaac, by Leonard B. Gewirtz. 18:
Kressel, G., Fiftieth Anniversary of
Ha-Poel Ha-Tzair.
(H) 15:64-67;
Jewish Studies in the T e n Years
of the State of Israel. (H) 17:
19-27; N a h u m Sokolow. (H) 18:
116-122; Isaac Ben Jacob. (H)
Kripke, Dorothy K., American Jew-
ish Juvenile Books, 18:162-165;
Latin America, Selected Yiddish
Books of, by M o s h e Senderey.
(Y) 17:28-37.
Lebensohn, M i c a h Joseph, by
Samuel Pitlik. 11:164-168.
Leftwich, Joseph, Hassidic In-
fluences in Imaginative English
Literature. 17:3-11; Anglo-Jew-
ish Literature Since 1920. 20:
Leh m a n n , Ru t h P., Jewish Books in
English (Published outside the
U S A ) . 16:181-190; 17:158-168;
Leikind, Miriam, American Jewish
Juvenile Books. 17:111-114.
Leivick, H., by Shlomo Bickel. (Y)
Levin, Jacob, by Yudel Mark. (Y)