Page 239 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 20

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o l u m e s
Polish, David, T h e Intellectual
World of A h a d H a ’am. 15:68-75.
Pomerantz, Alexander, T h e Tragic
Fate of Yiddish Writers in Soviet
Russia. (Y) 15:14-26.
Press: Yiddish, A Century’s Survey,
by Sol Liptzin. 19:60-66.
Rabinovich, Isaiah, T h e Poetic Path
of Yaak o v Cahan. (H) 19:113-
Rabinowicz, Oskar K., Herzl the
Playwright. 18:100-115.
Rashi and the Problem of Jewish
Adjustment, by Samuel M .
Blumenfield. 14:56-62.
Ravitch, Melech, T h e World and
the W o r d of A. Glanz-Leyeles.
(Y) 19:107-112.
Reference Books, Jewish, A Select
List, by Herbert C. Zafren. 20:
Reference Wor k s in the Last T w e n t y
Years, Jewish Encyclopedias and,
by A b r a h a m Berger and Renate
Kaufmann. 15:41-49.
Reisen, Abraham, at Seventy-Five,
by Philip Rubin. 11:183-185.
R o m e , David, Literature of Jewish
Canadiana. 18:44-53.
Rosenfeld, Morris, by B. I. Bialo-
stotzky. 20:100-106.
Roth, Leon, Great Jewish Books:
Old and New. 14:3-16.
Rubin, Philip, A b r a h a m Reisen at
Seventy-Five. 11:183-185.
Schwartz, J. J., by A. Glanz-Leyeles.
(Y) 20:124-131.
Schwarz, L e o W., Harry A. Wolfson.
Schwarzbaum, Haim, S o m e Recent
Works on the Ethnology and Folk-
lore of Various Jewish C o m m u n i -
ties. 19:23-32.
Seman, Philip L., by Justin G.
Turner. 16:108-110.
Senderey, Moshe, Selected Yiddish
Books of Latin America. (Y) 17:
Shakespeare in H e b r e w Garb, by
Joshua Bloch. 14:23-31.
Shakespeare Translations in Yiddish,
by A d a h Boraisha-Fogel. 14:32-
Shatzky, Jacob, Solomon Ettinger.
(Y) 13:49-54; S. Niger. (Y) 14:
Shatzky, Jacob, by Isaiah Trunk.
(Y) 15:59-63.
Mishkin, Leonard C., M e y e r W a x -
m a n : A n Appreciation and Bib-
liography. 13:39-42.
Moses ibn Ezra, by Harry Blumberg.
Nadich, Judah, T h e Writings of
Mordecai M . Kaplan, 19:90-97.
Niger, S., David Pinski. 11:178-
182; Trends in Contemporary
Yiddish Literature. (Y) 13:3-8.
Niger, S., by Jacob Shatzky. (Y)
Noble, Shlomo, Yiddish Lexicogra-
phy. 19:17-22.
Non-Fiction Books, Jewish, by I.
E d w a r d Kiev. 11:12-18; 12:91-
103; 13:73-81; 14:85-93; 15:
100-108; 16:113-125; 17:95-
106; 18:144-157; 19:129-146;
Opatoshu, Joseph, Principal T h e m e
in the Novels and Stories of, by
Shlomo Bickel. (Y) 13:43-48.
Orlinsky, Harry M., Recent Selected
Books on Biblical History and
Archeology. 18:38-43.
Parzen, Herbert, T h e Centenary of
a Book: Moses Hess’R o m e and
Jerusalem. 19:75-79.
Patterson, David, H e b r e w Litera-
ture: T h e Art of the Translator.
Peretz: Prince of the Ghetto, by
Philip G o o d m a n . 11:176-177.
Persky, Daniel, American H e b r e w
Books. (H) 11:41-59; (H) 12:
120-138; (H) 13:93-106; (H)
14:105-117; (H) 15:120-134;
(H) 16:136-152; (H) 17:115-
126; (H) 18:166-181; (H) 19:
Persky, Daniel, by Milton Arfa. (H)
19:98-106; by M e n a h e m G.
Glenn. 20:73-75.
Pilchik, Ely E., Introduction. 12:
1-2; 13:1-2; 14:1-2; 15:1-2.
Pinski, David, by S. Niger. 11:178-
182; by Sol Liptzin. 15:84-87.
Pitlik, Samuel, M i c a h Joseph Leben-
sohn. 11:164-168.
Poetry, Contemporary Jewish-Amer-
ican, by Charles Angoff. 15:27-
Poetry. Yiddish Lyrics: A Century’s
Survey, by Sol Liptzin. 20:37-44.
Poets of Israel, S o m e Younger, by
Sholom J. Kahn. 18:20-37.