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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
W a r s a w Ghetto, Bibliography of the,
by Philip Friedman. 11:121-128.
W a x m a n , Meyer, Appreciation and
Bibliography, by Leonard C. Mish-
kin. 13:39-42.
Webber, George J., Recent Jewish
Books in English (Published Out-
side of the U.S.A.). 13:135-144;
14:145-150; 15:161-166.
Werner, Alfred, In the R e a l m of
Beauty: Books on Jewish Art, 13:
20-28; Chagall in the Anglo-
Saxon World. 15:76-83; Writings
of Jewish Artists. 18:69-75.
Wiener, Theodore, Jewish Literary
Anniversaries. 17:82-94; 18:135-
143; 19:120-128; 20:132-141;
American H e b r e w Books. (H) 20:
Winer, Gershon, Great Dictionary of
Yiddish Language. 20:53-56.
Wischnitzer, Rachel, Jewish Art
Books and Albums. 11:129-135.
Wolfson, Harry A., by L e o W .
Schwarz. 20:118-123.
Writer: His W o r k and His Public,
Jewish, by Mey e r Levin. 16:81-
Writing, T h e m e s for Jewish, by
Alexander Alan Steinbach. 16:
Yehoash At His Work, by Evlin
Yehoash Dworkin. 11:186-188.
Yiddish Books, American, by Dina
Abramowicz. (Y) 11:95-120;
(Y) 12:139-170; (Y) 13:107-
134; (Y) 14:118-144; (Y) 15:
135-160; (Y) 16:153-180; (Y)
17:127-157; (Y) 18:182-208;
(Y) 19:169-191; (Y) 20:178-
Yiddish Books of Latin America,
Selected, by M o s h e Senderey. (Y)
Yiddish Lexicography, by Shlomo
Noble. 19:17-22; Great Dictionary
of Yiddish Language, by Gershon
Winer. 20:53-56.
Yiddish Literature, American, by B.
I. Bialostotzky. 12:34-44.
Yiddish Literature, Trends in Con-
temporary, by S. Niger. (Y) 13:
Yiddish Literature and Culture in
Israel, T e n Years of, by Mordecai
Jaffe. (Y) 16:23-35.
Yiddish Lyrics: A Century5s Survey,
by Sol Liptzin. 20:37-44.
Sholom Aleichem5s Birth, O n the
Centenary of, by Sol Liptzin. 16:
Silberschlag, Eisig, Jacob Fichman.
11:157-159; H e b r e w Literature in
America at the Tercentenary. 12:
29-33; Epitaph on Joseph Klaus-
ner. 17:38-42; T w o Progenitors
of H e b r e w Literature in America.
Sokolow, N a h u m , by G. Kressel.
(H) 18:116-122.
Soltes, Mordecai, T h e Literary Con-
tributions of Jewish C o m m u n i t y
Centers. 12:67-71.
Soltes, Mordecai, by Azriel Eisen-
berg. 16:111-112.
South Africa, Jewish Writers in, by
Edgar Bernstein. 18:54-61.
Soviet Russia, Tragic Fate of Yid-
dish Writers in, by Alexander
Pomerantz. (Y) 15:14-26.
Spicehandler, Ezra, T h e Sabra
School of Israeli Novelists. 19:
Starkman, Moshe, Literature on the
Pioneer Era of East-European
Jewry in the United States. (Y)
12:60-66; Jewish Literary An-
niversaries: A Listing. 13:70-72.
Steinbach, Alexander Alan, T h e m e s
for Jewish Writing. 16:85-89;
Introduction, 16:1-2; 17:1-2;
18:1-2 19:1-2; 20:1-2; T h e
Bible: Eternal Book. 20:5-19.
Steinberg, Aaron A., T h e T w o
Sources of Simon D u b n o w ’s
Thought. 19:80-84.
Steinschneider, Moritz, by Joshua
Bloch. 15:88-93.
Swed e n and in Swedish, Jewish
Literature in, by C. Vilh. Jaco-
bowsky. 19:54-59.
Szold, Henrietta, as Writer, by
Irving Fineman. 18:95-99.
Translation, H e b r e w Literature:
T h e Art of the, by David Pat-
terson. 16:68-80.
Translations of the Bible, American
Jewish, by Bernard J. Bamberger.
Trunk, Isaiah, Jacob Shatzky. (Y)
Turner, Justin G., Philip L. Seman.
Vilnay, Zev, Illustrations of Eretz-
Israel in H e b r e w Manuscripts and
Prints. 16:36-40.