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The Old in the New
N June 3, 1961, Arthur Goldberg, Secretary of Labor of
the United States, brought personal greetings from Presi-
dent John F. Kennedy and delivered the dedicatory address
formally opening the Klau Library of the Hebrew Union Col-
lege-Jewish Institute of Religion in Cincinnati. This event
occurred eighty-six years after the birth of a little library as
part of the Hebrew Union College. Perhaps the oldest Jewish
institutional library in the New World moved into the newest
Jewish institutional library building.
Brick and mortar do not make a library; yet, a significant
library deserves a commodious and inviting home. Something of
the purpose and philosophy of the Hebrew Union College-
Jewish Institute of Religion Library, something of its history,
and a sampling of its contents may perhaps be obtained through
an imaginary tour of the beautiful, yet simple and functional
A garden approach imparts a dignified, contemplative tone.
One looks into the main floor through an expanse of glass, and
is invited to enter by the beauty of color, the brightness of
lights, and the attractiveness of books and manuscripts on display
just inside the main entrance.
The Dalsheimer Rare Book Wing
The exhibit is a motivator as well as a teacher. The dedicatory
exhibit highlights some manuscripts and early printed books
representative of the collections housed in the Dalsheimer Rare
Book Building, a separate small building connected to the main
Library. Display cases in the Rare Book Building continue the
exhibit begun at the main entrance; the warm, striking Rare
Book Room, lined with treasures of the centuries, fills one with
a profound reverence for the book, while the specific display
gently teaches its lesson.
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