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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
tion is tha t of the compiler of the list. When an English title
also appears in the book, it is given in quo ta tion marks in the
note (except dictionaries, where it is given as the p rope r title).
Dates and edition statements are those given in the copies we
have examined; later printings, and even later editions, may be
available. Prices are, of course, approximate and are no t given
a t all for works known to be ou t of prin t.
Not all Jewish information is to be found in Jewish books.
S tandard dictionaries,* encyclopedias and bibliographies have
much Jewish material; and specialsubject reference books in
history, literature, art, sociology, and especially in religion should
be given consideration in round ing out the reference collection
of the Jewish library.
I t is with much appreciation tha t we thank the following for
their very valued criticism and suggestions: R abb i Ph ilip Good-
man, Executive Secretary, Jewish Book Council of America; Dr.
Solomon Grayzel, Editor, Jewish Publication Society of America;
Dr. Dov Jarden, Visiting Lecturer in Medieval Jewish Poetry,
Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institu te of Religion; Dr. I.
Edward Kiev, L ibrarian, Hebrew Union College-Jewish Ins titu te
of Religion; Abraham Berger, Chief, Jewish Division, T h e New
York Public Library; Jacob I. Dienstag, L ibrarian, Yeshiva Uni-
versity, and Solomon Kerstein, Vice-President, Bloch Publish-
ing Co.
S h u n a m i , S h l o m o .
Bibliography of Jewish Bibliographies. Jerusalem, Hebrew
University Press, 1936. 399 p. o.p.
A major compilation. Supplements were published in 1937 and 1938
and 1947 (in
Semitic Studies in Memory of Immanuel L o w ) .
A new, much enlarged, edition is in preparation.
N e w Y o r k P u b l i c L i b r a r y .
Dictionary Catalog of the Jewish Collection.
Boston, G. K. Hall & Co., 1960. 14 vols. $750.00.
The card catalog of this fine collection reproduced in book form.
Authors, titles, subjects.
F r i e d b e r g , C h .
B. Bet Eked Sefarim (Hebrew) . 2nd ed. Tel-Aviv, Bar Juda,
1951-1956. 4 vols. $40.00.
The most comprehensive list of books in Hebrew and languages using
the Hebrew alphabet. Arranged by titles; includes indexes of subjects
and authors.
Kirjath Sepher (Hebrew). Jerusalem, Magnes Press, The Hebrew University.
$7.00 per year.
“Bibliographical Quarterly of the Jewish National and University
Library.” Most complete coverage for Jewish printed materials from all
over the world. Now in its 37th year.
* One of the best small handbooks for general reference books is Mary
Neill Barton’s
Reference Books,
Baltimore, Enoch Pratt Library, 1959. See
also Sheva G. Brun’s
General Reference Books in English for Jewish Research,
New York, Jewish Book Council of America, 1959.