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e w i s h
e f e r e n c e
o o k s
Jewish Book Annual. Vol. 19, 5722/1961-1962. New York, Jewish Book Council
of America, 1961. 218 p. $4.00.
Contains bibliographies and articles on current Jewish books in
English, Hebrew, and Yiddish. Includes bibliographical and biographical
essays on all aspects of Jewish literature.
M a r c u s , J a c o b
a n d A l b e r t B i l g r a y .
An Index to Jewish Festschriften.
Cincinnati, Hebrew Union College, 1937. 154 p. o.p.
An author, title, and subject index to the articles in 54 Festschriften.
G r a y z e l , S o l o m o n .
A Book List for the Jewish Adult. New York, Jewish
Book Council of America, 1960. 16 p. $.10.
Almost 150 popular Jewish books covering many subjects.
B e r n s t e i n , D i a n a .
Paperbound Books of Jewish Interest. New York, Jewish
Book Council of America, 1960. l i p . $.10.
K a s t l e , H a r o l d
D. 658 stories. New York, Jewish Education Committee, 1956.
165 p. $2.50.
Classified list of stories on Jewish topics, arranged according to age-
levels; annotated.
S t a r k o f f , B e r n a r d
J. 250 Selected Plays of Jewish Interest: An Index.
Cincinnati, Union of American Hebrew Congregations, 1945. 133 p. o.p.
The Jewish Encyclopedia. Edited by Isidore Singer. New York, Funk and
Wagnalls, 1901-1906. 12 vols. o.p.
The scholarly, authoritative English encyclopedia. In some respects,
now out of date.
The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia. Edited by Isaac Landman. New York,
Universal Jewish Encyclopedia Inc., 1939-1943. 10 vols. o.p.
Popular and well illustrated. A “Reading Guide and Index” was
compiled in a separate volume (1944), by Simon Cohen.
The Jewish People: Past and Present. New York, Jewish Encyclopedic
Handbooks, Central Yiddish Culture Organization, 1952-1955. 4 vols.
A collection of monographs in various areas of Jewish life, encyclopedic
in scope. The 4th volume deals with American Jewish life.
The Jews: Their History, Culture and Religion. Edited by Louis Finkelstein.
3rd ed. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society of America, 1960. 2
vols. $27.50.
Arranged in subject essay form; encyclopedic in scope. Bibliographies;
The Standard Jewish Encyclopedia. Edited by Cecil Roth. Garden City, New
York, Doubleday, 1959. 1978 cols. $19.50.
Concise, current information. Illustrations, some in color.
The Junior Jewish Encyclopedia. Edited by Naomi Ben-Asher and others.
4th revised ed. New York, Shengold, 1961. 350 p. $7.95.
A good, illustrated work for younger people.
Ha־Entsiklopedyah ha*Ivrit (Hebrew). Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv, Encyclopaedia
Publishing Co., 1949-1960. 14 vols. $17.00 each.
A general encyclopedia with Jewish and Israeli emphasis. High quality,
excellent illustration, comprehensive. In progress (through “Histaglut”).
Ozar Yisrael (Hebrew). Edited by Judah David Eisenstein. New York,
Pardes, 1951. 10 vols. $30.00.
“An Encyclopedia of All Matters Concerning Jews and Judaism.” Re-
print; published originally, 1906-1913 and, therefore, not up-to-date.