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a fr e n
— J
e w i s h
e f e r e n c e
oo k s
J a s t r o w , M a r c u s .
A Dictionary of the Targumin, the Talmud Babli and
Yerushalmi, and the Midrashic Literature. New York, Pardes, 1950. 2 vols.
(1736 p.) $8.50.
English definitions; many selections from the literature as examples.
K l a t z k i n , J a c o b .
Otsar ha-Munahim ha-Filosofiyim ve-Antologyah Filosofit.
Berlin, Eschkol, 1926-1934. 5 vols. o.p.
The basic dictionary of Hebrew philosophical terms. German equiva-
lents and Hebrew explanations.
Mafteah le-Roshe Tevot. New York, Pardes, 1951. 113 p. o.p.
“Cyclopedia of Hebrew Abbreviations.” Issued under the name of
Gershom Bader as compiler. Except for the introduction and two pages
at the end, it is the work of G. H. Haendler which appeared as
der Abbreviaturen ,
a supplement to Dalman’s
(Frankfurt a/M, Kauffmann, 1922).
G e s e n i u s , H e i n r i c h
F. W. Gesenius’ Hebrew Grammar as Edited and En-
larged by E. Kautzsch. 2nd English edition, translated by A. E. Cowley.
Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1956. 598 p. $5.60.
The outstanding Hebrew grammar.
American Jewish Yearbook. Vol. 62. New York, American Jewish Committee;
Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society of America, 1961. 514 p. $6.00.
Surveys of world Jewish activity, country by country, with emphasis on
U. S. Lists of Jewish organizations, periodicals, books, a necrology, etc.
The Jewish Yearbook, 1962, 5722/23. Edited by Hugh Harris. London,
Jewish Chronicle, 1962. 344 p. $2.75.
General directory information, including Who’s Who, with Anglo-
Jewish emphasis.
F e d e r b u s h , S im o n ,
ed. World Jewry Today. New York, Yoseloff, 1959. 747 p.
Covers all Jewish communities and their institutions. Population, the
press, historical essays.
American Synagogue Directory, 5721/1961. 3rd ed. New York, Frenkel Mailing
Service (24 Rutgers St., New York 2 ) , 1960. 140 p. $5.00.
Geographical arrangement. Addresses, telephone numbers, names of
rabbis and presidents, etc. Includes community centers and other Jewish
F r a e n k e l , J o s e f .
Guide to Jewish Libraries of the World. London, World
Jewish Congress, 1959. 64 p. $.75.
F r a e n k e l , J o s e f .
The Jewish Press of the World. 5th ed. London, World
Jewish Congress, 1961. 104 p. $1.25.
933 Jewish papers arranged geographically.
Jewish Education Register and Directory, 1951. Edited by Judah Pilch. New
York, American Association for Jewish Education, 1951. 122 p. o.p.
Summary essays; directories of schools, educational agencies, libraries,
museums, camps, etc. Not current.
S z a p i r o ,
J. Atlas Histori shel Am Yisrael (Hebrew). Tel-Aviv, Grafit, 1960.
124 maps for Jewish and general history, with explanatory text.