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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
G r a e t z , H e i n r i c h .
History of the Jews. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication
Society, 1891-1898. 6 vols. $15.00.
Abridged translation of the monumental history in German. Lacks
the important notes of the original. “Tables of Jewish History ’ and a
comprehensive index.
E l b o g e n , I sm a r . A
Century of Jewish Life. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication
Society, 1946. 823 p. $3.00.
Takes up where Graetz stopped. Notes, bibliography, and index.
A u s u b e l , N a t h a n .
Pictorial History of the Jewish People. New York, Crown,
1953. 346 p. $5.00.
Select bibliography; index.
G r a y z e l , S o l o m o n . A
History of the Jews From the Babylonian Exile. Phila-
delphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1947. 835 p. $4.50.
Illustrations, bibliography, index.
M a r g o l i s , M a x L e o p o l d , a n d A l e x a n d e r M a r x . A
History of the Jewish
People. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1960. 823 p. $4.00.
Detailed history, with bibliographies, chronological tables, maps, index.
S c h o l e m , G e r s h o m G e r h a r d .
Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism. 2nd ed.
New York, Schocken, 1946. 454 p. $6.00.
Definitive work, with full bibliography.
, J
R a d e r .
The Jew in the Medieval World; A Source Book:
New York, Meridian; Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society,
1960. 504
R o b i n s o n , J a c o b a n d P h i l i p F r i e d m a n .
Guide to Jewish History Under Nazi
Impact. New York, YIVO, 1960. 425 p. $15.00.
A bibliographical guide.
S c h a p p e s , M o r r i s U r m a n .
The Jews in the United States; a Pictorial History,
1654 to the Present. New York, Citadel Press, 1958. 319 p. $7.50.
L e a r s i , R u f u s .
The Jews in America, a History. Cleveland, World, 1954.
382 p. $6.00.
A useful, recent work.
P a t a i , R a p h a e l ,
ed. Current Jewish Social Research. New York, Theodor
Herzl Foundation, 1958. 102 p. $2.00.
Lists studies in progress and many completed, but as yet unpublished,
works. Far from complete and no longer current. Arranged by subject;
no index.
R o b i n s o n , N e h e m i a h .
Dictionary of Jewish Public Affairs and Related Matters.
New York, Institute of Jewish Affairs, World Jewish Congress, 1958.
232 p. $3.00.
Alphabetical list of terms, people, organizations, countries, movements,
etc. and some Jewish information about each.
W i n i n g e r , S a l o m o n .
Grosse jiidische National-Biographie (German). Cer-
nauti, “Orient,” 1925-1936. 7 vols. o.p.
More than 8000 biographies of Jews throughout history.
R o s e n b l o o m , J o s e p h R .
A Biographical Dictionary of Early American Jews,
Colonial Times through 1800. Lexington, University of Kentucky Press,
1960. 175 p. $10.00.
Every person identified by the author as a Jew—and some doubtfuls—
is included.
L e v i t a n , T i n a .
The Laureates: Jewish Winners of the Nobel Prize. New
York, Twayne, 1960. 236 p. $4.50.
Biographies and presentations of their achievements and discoveries.
Arranged by subject, with several indexes and a bibliography. Photo-