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a fr e n
— J
e w i s h
e f e r e n c e
o o k s
Who’s Who in World Jewry. Edited by Harry Schneiderman and Itzhak J.
Carmin. New York, Monde, 1955. 898 p. $35.00.
Includes directory of organizations and a list of Jewish periodicals.
Who’s Who Israel, 1962. Edited by Peretz Dagan. Tel-Aviv, Israel Press
Ltd., 1961. 934 p. $12.00.
A who’s who of people and, separately, of “public bodies and enter-
prises”; the non-personal section is indexed. A short section on govern-
mental personnel.
C h a j e s , S a u l .
Otsar Beduye ha-Shem (Hebrew). Vienna, Glanz, 1933. 335
( + 10 + 66) p. o.p.
Key to pseudonyms in Hebrew and Yiddish literature. Includes list
of sources and an index of authors.
W a x m a n , M e y e r .
A History of Jewish Literature. Revised and enlarged ed.
New York, Yoseloff, 1960. 5 vols. in 6. $30.00.
A comprehensive history of Jewish literature in Hebrew, Yiddish,
English, and other languages. The last volume brings the work up to date.
Z in b e r g , I s r a e l .
Di Geshikhte fun der Literatur bay Yidn (Yiddish). Wilna,
J. Kamermacher, 1929-1937. 10 vols. o.p.
The best history of Jewish literature. There is an up-dated translation
into Hebrew: Toledot Sifrut Yisra’el (Tel-Aviv, Sreberk, 1955-1960);
6 vols., $31.80.
A u s u b e l , N a t h a n . A
Treasury of Jewish Folklore. New York, Crown, 1948.
741 p. $4.50.
A u s u b e l , N a t h a n a n d M a r y n n A u s u b e l . A
Treasury of Jewish Poetry. New
York, Crown, 1957. 471 p. $2.98.
D a v i d s o n , I s r a e l .
Otsar ha־Shirah veha-Piyut (Hebrew) . New York, Jewish
Theological Seminary of America, 1924-1933. 4 vols. $60.00.
“Thesaurus of Mediaeval Hebrew Poetry.” A list of sources, the first
lines of the poetry in alphabetical order, and an index of poets. A
supplement was published in 1938 in the
Hebrew Union College Annual.
N e w m a n , L o u i s
a n d
S a m u e l S p i t z .
The Hasidic Anthology; Tales and
Teachings of the Hasidim.
N e w
York, Bloch, 1944. 720 p. $3.50.
Arranged by detailed subjects. Includes bibliography and several
N e w m a n , L o u i s
a n d S a m u e l S p i t z .
Maggidim and Hasidim: Their Wisdom.
New York, Bloch, 1962. 248 p. $5.50.
A companion volume to
The Hasidic Anthology.
Includes parables,,
epigrams, proverbs, etc. 327 rubrics alphabetically arranged. Lacks index.
S h a a n a n , A b r a h a m .
Milon ha-Sifrut ha-Hadashah ha-Ivrit veha-Kelalit
(Hebrew) . Tel-Aviv, Yavneh, 1959. 1082 cols. $8.00.
“Dictionary of Modern Literature.” Alphabetically arranged. Emphasis
on Hebrew literature of 20th century. Separate section on literary schools
and currents.
K l a u s n e r , J o s e p h .
Historyah shel ha-Sifrut ha-Ivrit ha-Hadashah (Hebrew).
2nd ed. Jerusalem, Achiasaf, 1950-1955. 6 vols. $24.50.
A two-volume abridgement of this history of modern Hebrew literature
is published by Massadah (Jerusalem) at $7.25.
O r y n o w s k i ( B e n - o r ) , A a r o n .
Toledot ha-Sifrut ha-Ivrit ha-Hadashah (He-
brew). Tel-Aviv, Izreel, 1959. 3 vols. $9.90.
Handy work on modern Hebrew literature.