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a fr e n
— J
e w i s h
e f e r e n c e
oo k s
B u r r o w s , M i l l a r .
The Dead Sea Scrolls. New York, Viking, 1955. 435
p .
Background, criticism, translation, bibliography.
B u r r o w s , M i l l a r .
More Light on the Dead Sea Scrolls. New York, Viking,
1958. 434 p. $6.50.
The Babylonian Talmud. Edited by Isidore Epstein. Compact ed. London,
Soncino, 1961. 18 vols. $210.00.
The complete Talmud in English; a useful Index volume is added.
A good, available edition of the original text is that published in 20
volumes (New York, Otzar Hasefarim, 1956-1958).
The Mishnah. Translated, introduced, and annotated by Herbert Danby.
London, Oxford University Press, 1950. 844 p. $8.25.
Mishnayoth. Translated by Philip Blackman. London, Mishnah Press, 1951-
1956. 7 vols. $43.40.
Pointed text of the Mishnah and English translation side by side; notes.
G o l d s c h m i d t , L a z a r u s .
Oznayim la-Torah. Edited by Rafael Edelmann.
Copenhagen, Munksgaard, 1959. 607 p. $60.00.
“Subject Concordance to the Babylonian Talmud.”
K a s o w s k i , H a y im J o s h u a .
Otsar Leshon ha-Talmud. Jerusalem, Ministry of
Education and Culture, Government of Israel, and the Jewish Theological
Seminary of America, 1954-1960. 9 vols. $13.00 each.
Concordance to the Talmud. In progress (through the letter “Dalet”) .
K a s o w s k i , H a y im J o s h u a .
Otsar Leshon ha-Mishnah. Jerusalem, Massadah,
1956-1960. 4 vols. $44.00.
Concordance to the Mishnah.
K a s o w s k i , H a y im J o s h u a .
Otsar Leshon he-Tosefta. Jerusalem, 1932-1961.
6 vols. $78.00.
Concordance to the Tosefta.
Entsiklopedyah Talmudit le-‘Inyane Halakhah (Hebrew). Edited by Meyer
Berlin (Bar-Ilan) and Josef Zevin. Jerusalem, 1947-1959. 9 vols. $7.50 each.
“Talmudic Encyclopedia.” “A digest of halachic literature and Jewish
law . . . alphabetically arranged.” In progress (through the letter “Tet”) .
N e w m a n , L o u i s
a n d S a m u e l S p i t z .
The Talmudic Anthology. New York,
Behrman, 1945. 570 p. $5.50.
Arranged by detailed subjects. Includes bibliography.
M o n t e f i o r e , C l a u d e
a n d H e r b e r t L o e w e .
A Rabbinic Anthology. Phila-
delphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1960. 962 p. $7.50.
Arranged under 31 subjects. General index and other lists.
Midrash Rabbah. Translated under the editorship of H. Freedman and M.
Simon. London, Soncino, 1961. 10 vols. $100.00.
With introduction, notes, glossaries, and indexes. Reissue.
G i n z b e r g , L o u i s .
The Legends of the Jews. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication
Society, 1909-1938. 7 vols. $4.00 each.
A comprehensive work including two volumes of notes and one index
volume. An abridged version, in one volume, under the title
of the B ible
was published by Simon & Schuster in 1956 (646 p., $5.00).
The Zohar. Translated by Harry Sperling and Maurice Simon. London, Son-
cino, 1931-1934. 5 vols. $30.00.
, A
. Sefer Toledot Tana’im ve-Amora’im (Hebrew ). London,
1910. 3
vols. o.p.
Biographical dictionary of persons mentioned in older rabbinic liter-