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o o k s
M i l l g r a m , A b r a h a m
E. Sabbath, the Day of Delight. Philadelphia, Jewish
Publication Society, 1956. 495 p. $4.00.
Sabbath in practice, literature, and history. Sabbath music. Includes
S o l i s - C o h e n , E m i l y .
Hanukkah, the Feast of Lights. Philadelphia, Jewish
Publication Society, 1940. 400 p. $2.50.
Hanukkah’s significance and history; selections from literature; stories,
poems, etc. Bibliography.
G o o d m a n , P h i l i p .
The Purim Anthology. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication
Society, 1952. 525 p. $4.00.
Purim in history, literature, art, and music; Purim celebration.
G o o d m a n , P h i l i p .
The Passover Anthology. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication
Society, 1961. 496 p. $5.00.
Passover in history, literature, art, music. Stories, poems, curiosities,
programs, dances, dishes. Includes glossary and full bibliography.
S c h a u s s , H a y y im .
The Lifetime of a Jew. Cincinnati, Union of American
Hebrew Congregations, 1950. 332 p. $5.00.
On Jewish rites, ceremonies, customs.
A r i e l , S h l o m o Z a lm a n .
Entsiklopedyah Me’ir Nativ la־Halikhot, Minhagim,
Darkhe Musar u-Ma‘asim Tovim (Hebrew). Tel-Aviv, Massadah, 1960.
456 p. $7.50.
Comprehensive encyclopedia of rites and customs broadly conceived.
The Jewish Travel Guide, 1962/5722-23. Compiled by Green Flag. London,
Jewish Chronicle, 1962. 272 p. $1.25.
An annual paperback directory of travel the world over, with emphasis
on Great Britain and the Commonwealth countries and special sections
on the U. S. and Israel.
P o s t a l , B e r n a r d a n d L i o n e l K o p p m a n . A
Jewish Tourist’s Guide to the
U. S. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1954. 705 p. $5.00.
Arranged alphabetically by states and cities within each state. Gives
short histories and tourist attractions. Good index.
P o s t a l , B e r n a r d a n d S a m u e l
A b r a m s o n .
The Landmarks of a People;
Guide to Jewish Sites in Europe. New York, Hill and Wang, 1962•
270 p. $5.95.
Specific country-by-country and city-by-city information about places of
Jewish interest in Europe, on both sides of the Iron Curtain.
V i l n a y , Z e v .
The Guide to Israel. 5th ed., revised and enlarged. Jerusalem,
Ahiever, 1961. 640 p. $5.00.
Over 600 illustrations and a large general map of Israel.
R u b i n , J a c o b .
Pictorial History of Israel. New York, London, Yoseloff, 1958.
320 p. $7.50.
Mostly on contemporary activities of Israel.
Israel Government Year Book, 5722/1961-62. Jerusalem, Government Printer,
1962. 477 p. $2.00.
A comprehensive manual on the structure, personnel, and functions
of the various branches of the Israel Government. A Hebrew edition
is also available each year.
Facts About Israel, 1961. Jerusalem, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Information
Division, 1961. 168 p. $.40.
Brief factual coverage of the history, people, government, economy,
social welfare, and cultural life of Israel. Illustrations, glossary, read-
ing list.