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The Zionist Year Book, 5721/1960-61. Edited by Joseph Litvin. London,
Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland, 1960. 500 p. $2.00.
Calendar; population; obituaries; directories of Zionism, Jewish or-
ganizations, etc.; biographical articles; and Who’s Who. Emphasis on
Great Britain.
L a n d r e s s , S y l v i a .
Selected Books on Israel. New York, Jewish Book Council
of America, 1958. 15 p. $.05.
Palestine and Zionism. New York, Zionist Archives and Library of the
Palestine Foundation Fund. 10 vols. Vols. 1-3, $5.00; vols. 4-10, $3.00 each.
A most important author, title, and subject index to books, pamphlets,
and periodicals on Israel, Palestine, Zionism, Jews, and the Jewish
problem. Years 1946-1956 covered so far.
Jewish Art, an Illustrated History. Edited by Cecil Roth. New York, McGraw-
Hill, 1961. 972 cols. $14.95.
Twenty-one chapters by individual scholars, covering Jewish art from
antiquity to modern times. About 450 illustrations, 12 in color. List,
but not index, of illustrations.
S e n d r e y , A l f r e d .
Bibliography of Jewish Music. New York, Columbia Uni-
versity Press, 1951. 404 p. $12.50.
A comprehensive work.
C o o p e r s m i t h , H a r r y .
The Songs We Sing. New York, United Synagogue,
1950. 453 p. $5.75.
An anthology for home and school.
V i n a v e r , C h e m j o .
Anthology of Jewish Music. New York, Edward B. Marks
Music Corp., 1955. 300 p. $10.00.
Religious music.
C a h a n , L e w i s .
Yidishe Folkslider mit Melodyes (Yiddish). Newly edited by
Max Weinreich. New York, YIVO, 1957. 559 p. $5.00.
Songs, some with music; references to and from previous editions, title
index, etc.
B a r o n , J o s e p h
L. A Treasury of Jewish Quotations. New York, Crown, 1956.
623 p. $5.95.
Arranged alphabetically by topics. Bibliography, subject index, and
author index.
B e c k e r , J a c o b .
Hokhmat ha-Hayim shel ‘Am Yisra’el (Hebrew) . Tel-Aviv,
“Yavneh,” 1961. 762 p. $6.00.
Quotations from biblical times till Bialik.
E i s e n s t e i n , J u d a h D a v id .
Otsar Ma’amare Hazal (Hebrew). New York, the
author, 1922. 437 p. $6.00.
“A Concordance of Quotations, Sayings and Phrases from Talmud
and Midrash.” Arranged alphabetically by subject.
, A
. Otsar Divre Hakhamim u-Pitgamehem (Hebrew) . Tel-Aviv
1933. 563 p. $5.50.
Quotation index, alphabetically arranged, to Agada, Midrash, and
many other works.