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t e i n b a c h
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n t ro du c t io n
The same pattern characterizes Dr. Sol Liptzin’s series of
essays. In this volume we have his “Yiddish Lyrics: A Century’s
Survey”; in Volume 19 his “The Yiddish Press: A Century’s
Survey”; in Volume 18 his “Yiddish Drama: A Century’s Survey.”
In Volume 14 Charles Angoff discusses “Impressions of Con-
temporary Jewish-American Fiction” and in Volume 15 “Im-
pressions of Contemporary Jewish-American Poetry.” Perhaps a
further essay on “Impressions of Contemporary Jewish-American
Drama” may be a desideratum to complete the trilogy.
I l l
Three eulogies, Charles Angoff’s tender panegyric to Fanny
Goldstein, organizer of Jewish Book Week in 1925, Menahem
Glenn’s touching memorial to Daniel Persky, devotee and lover
of Hebrew, and Jacob Kabakoff’s tribute to Hillel Bavli as poet
and man, are melancholy reminders of the grievous losses our
Council has sustained. We shall sorely miss the zealous labors
of these devoted colleagues on behalf of the Jewish book; but
we shall seek comfort in the words of one of our ancient
to a sorrowing mourner:
. May their memory
be a blessing!
In his report Rabbi Philip Goodman, our dynamic Executive
Secretary, summarizes the program and activities of the Jewish
Book Council and expresses the Council’s thanks to our sponsor,
the National Jewish Welfare Board, and to those whose gifts
have made this publication possible. But as is characteristic of
his self-effacing nature, Rabbi Goodman has remained silent
on an incontrovertible fact: this volume could not have seen the
light of day without his labors and personal guidance. He is an
inspiration to all of us; it is he who is deserving of a warm
yeyasher koach.