Page 130 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 21

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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
“I will continue to hold my banner aloft. I find myself born
—ay, born—into a people and a religion. The preservation of
my people must be for a purpose; for God does nothing without
purpose. His reasons are unfathomable to me, but on my own
reason I place little dependence; test it where I will, it fails me.
The simple, the ultimate in every direction is sealed to me. It is
as difficult to understand matter as mind. The courses of the
planets are no harder to explain than the growth of a blade
of grass. Therefore am I willing to remain a link in the great
chain. What has been preserved for 4000 years was not saved
that I should overthrow it. My people have survived the pre-
historic paganism, the Babylonian polytheism, the aesthetic
Hellenism, the sagacious Romanism, and it will survive the
modern dilettantism and the current materialism, holding aloft
the traditional Jewish ideals inflexibly until the world shall
become capable of recognizing their worth.”