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W i e n e r — J e w i s h L i t e r a r y A n n i v e r s a r i e s
of Tudela, he journeyed through Asia and Africa, recording
his interesting observations of Jewish communities in his work
Eight Years in Asia and Africa.
From 1859 to 1862 he traveled
through the United States and published his impressions of this
trip under the title
Three Years in America.
The English edition
of the former work was published in his lifetime, that of the
latter a few years ago.
a t h a n
ir n b a u m
100th anniversary of birth. Born in Vienna,
May 16, 1864, died in Scheveningen, Holland, 1937. Successively
a Zionist, Yiddishist and an exponent of Agudist orthodoxy,
he reflected these views in his writings, mostly in German and
Yiddish. His restless and independent spirit imparted to his pub-
lications a unique note.
e u b e n
r a in in
25th anniversary of death. Born in Liady,
Russia, 1862, died in New York, November 30, 1939. A Hebrew
publicist and critic, he popularized modern ideas in Hebrew
literature. He also wrote important biographical studies of
Mapu, Smolenskin, and Herzl.
a t h a n
r il l ia n t
70th birthday. Born in Kalish, Poland,
September 4, 1894. A Jewish educator in Cleveland since 1927,
he has made numerous contributions to religious school litera-
ture, and has served on the board of editors of
Jewish Education.
a x
80th birthday. Born in Prague, May 27, 1884.
Although best known in recent years as the biographer and in-
terpreter of Franz Kafka, he is the author of a number of novels,
some with a Jewish background, like
Dav id Reuben i ,
which was
translated from the original German into English. For the past
20 years he has lived in Israel, where he has served as literary
adviser to the Habimah Theater, and where he received the
Bialik prize for one of the Hebrew translations of his novels.
u ech ler
25th anniversary of death. Born in Prjekopa,
Hungary, now Czechoslovakia, 1867, died in London, February
19, 1939. For over 30 years principal of Jews’ College, the English
rabbinical seminary, his numerous studies cover the history of
the Talmudic period.
u t t e nw ie se r
25th anniversary of death. Born in Beer-
felden, Germany, 1862, died in Palo Alto, Calif., March 12, 1939.
Professor of Bible at the Hebrew Union College in Cincin-
nati for nearly 40 years, he wrote important works on the
Psalms, the Prophets, and the Book of Job. In his studies he
underlined the universalistic character of Judaism from its earli-
est beginnings.
o h a n n e s
u x t o r f
400th anniversary of birth. Born in Ka-
men, Westphalia, Germany, December 25, 1564, died in Basel,