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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
Switzerland, 1629. A Christian Hebraist, professor of Hebrew at
the University of Basel, among his many outstanding contribu-
tions to Hebraic studies are Hebrew grammars and dictionaries,
Synagoga Judaica,
a description of Jewish customs, and
Bibl i-
otheca Rabbinica ,
the first important bibliography of rabbinic
o h a n n e s
uxto r f
II. 300th anniversary of death. Born in
Basel, 1599, died there August 17, 1664. He followed in his
father’s footsteps as professor of Hebrew at the University of
Basel, and translated Maimonides’
Guide to the Perplexed
Judah ha-Levi’s
into Latin.
C e n t r a l C o n f e r e n c e o f A m e r ic a n R a b b is . 7 5 th a n n iv e r s a ry
o f fo u n d in g . E s ta b l ish e d J u ly
9, 1889
a t a m e e t in g in D e t ro i t ,
th is a s soc ia tion o f A m e r ic an R e fo rm ra b b is h as p u b l i s h e d its
p ro ce ed ing s in its
w h ich now n u m b e r 72, fo r n e a r ly
a dec ad e h as p u b l is h e d th e
Conference Journal
a m a g az in e o f
p ro fe s s ion a l in te r e s t to rab b is , a n d even m o re s ig n if ic an t ly h a s
affec ted th e la i ty by its
Union Prayerbook, Union Hymna l ,
a n d
Union Haggadah,
th e l i tu rg i c a l w o rk s o f A m e r ic a n R e fo rm
Ju d a ism .
Mortimer J. Cohen.
7 0 th
birthday. Born in New York,
1, 1894. A
prominent Conservative rabbi in Philadelphia,
past president of the Jewish Book Council and editor of its
In Jewish Bookland,
he wrote a biography of Jacob
Emden, and
Pathways through the Bible.
im o n
o h e n
70th birthday. Born in Baltimore, February 26,
1894. An ordained Reform rabbi, he is now reference librarian
of the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in
Cincinnati after having served as research director of the
versal Jewish Encyclopedia,
that popular reference work pub-
lished 20 years ago. In recent years he has contributed articles
on Judaism to
Rel igion in Geschichte und Gegenwart ,
the im-
portant German encyclopedia of religion, and the
Interpre ter’s
Dictionary of the Bible,
the new authoritative American ency-
clopedia of Biblical scholarship.
av idson
o l em a n
25th anniversary of death. Born
in Suwalki, Russia, 1891, died in Miami Beach, Florida, Septem-
ber 3, 1939. Librarian of the American Jewish Historical Society,
he wrote
The Bible in English Drama, The Jew in English
and compiled bibliographies of the works of outstand-
ing American Jewish scholars.
av id so n
25th anniversary of death. Born in Yanova,
Russia, 1870, died in Great Neck, N. Y., June 27, 1939. Professor
of medieval Hebrew literature at the Jewish Theological Semi-
nary of America, he made important contributions in this area,