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W i e n e r — J e w i s h L i t e r a r y A n n i v e r s a r i e s
the most significant being his
Thesaurus of Med ieva l Poetry ,
which represents an alphabetical index to 35,000 Hebrew poems.
His valuable library is now in the College of the City of New
York, known as the Davidson Library of Judaica.
a x
i e n e m a n n
25th anniversary of death. Born in Kroto-
schin, Posen, Germany, 1875, died in Tel-Aviv, April 13, 1939. A
prominent Liberal rabbi in Germany, he served the community
of Offenbach for many years. His views were expressed in many
articles in the German Jewish press. He likewise contributed
to the two German Jewish encyclopedias.
e n
io n
in u r
80th birthday. Born in Khorol, Russia, Janu-
ary 2, 1884. For a number of years minister of education in
Israel after having served as professor of modern Jewish history
at the Hebrew University, he has published a set of source
books in Jewish history as yet incomplete, although in their sec-
ond edition, and has been editor of
the Hebrew historical
a lom o n
orm stecher
75th anniversary of death. Born in
Offenbach, Germany, 1808, died there April 24, 1889. A Liberal
rabbi in his native city, he authored a systematic presentation of
Judaism on a philosophical basis in his
Rel igion des Geistes.
His ghetto novel,
Buchenstein und Cohnberg
(1853), is a mas-
terly description of life in his native Hesse.
igm und
r eud
25th anniversary of death. Born in Freiburg,
Moravia, 1856, died in London, September 23, 1839. Founder of
psychoanalysis, he alluded quite often to Jews and Judaism in
his writings, and devoted his last work,
Moses and Monotheism,
to a psychoanalytic interpretation of Judaism and its history.
Abraham Hyman
r ied land
anniversary of death. Born
in Russia,
died in Cleveland, Ohio, August
3, 1939.
tor of the Bureau of Jewish Education in Cleveland, he pub-
lished numerous text-books for the religious school and also
several volumes of Hebrew verse.
r u m k in
50th anniversary of death. Born in Du-
brovna, Russia, 1850, died in Jerusalem, May 25, 1914.
I n
Palestine since 1860, he edited the weekly
for 40
years. This was the only Hebrew weekly published in Jerusalem
over this long period as a continuous undertaking and therefore
is of historical importance.
a ster
25th anniversary of death. Born in Bucharest,
Rumania, 1856, died near Abingdon, England, March 4, 1939.
Before coming to England in 1885, he had specialized in Ru-
manian studies. He also prepared a translation of the Hebrew
prayerbook into Rumanian. In England he became Haham