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A c h t e m e i e r , P a u l
J. and
E l i z a b e t h .
The Old Testament roots of our faith.
Nashville, Abingdon, 1962. 158 p.
How the Judeo-Christian heritage developed out of the Hebrew Bible.
A h a d H a ’am .
Selected essays. Trans, and ed. by Leon Simon. New York,
World; Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1962. 347 p. Paper-
bound reprint.
A l b r i g h t , W i l l i a m
F. The biblical period from Abraham to Ezra. New York,
Harper, 1963. 120 p.
An enlarged survey of Biblical era; originally included in
The Jews,
edited by Louis Finkelstein.
A n d e r s o n , B e r n h a r d W . ,
H a r r e l s o n , W a l t e r ,
eds. Israel’s prophetic
heritage. New York, •Harper, 1962. 242 p.
A scholarly jubilee volume, presented to Prof. James Muilenburg of
Union Theological Seminary, by eminent American Biblical scholars.
Apocrypha, The. New Hyde Park, N. Y., University Books, 1963. 240 p.
This edition of the 14 books of The Apocrypha contains a new intro-
duction by Morton Enslin. The general introduction is followed by a
scholarly introduction to each of the 14 books.
A r e n d t , H a n n a h .
Eichmann in Jerusalem: a report on the banality of evil.
New York, Viking, 1963. 275 p.
The controversial series of articles published originally in
The New
Y o n a h , M i c h a e l
K r a e l i n g , E m i l
O u r
living Bible. New
Y o r k ,
McGraw-Hill, 1962. 384 p.
An illustrated archaeological commentary on the Bible and ancient
civilization, derived from the material in the five volume
Views from the
B iblical World.
A y a l t i , H a n a n
J., ed. Yiddish proverbs. New York, Schocken, 1963. 127 p.
Paperbound reprint.
English version is printed side by side with a transliteration of the
Yiddish text.
B a a l - T e s h u v a , T a co b ,
ed. The mission of Israel. New York, Speller, 1963.
370 p.
A collection of statements and essays about science and life in Israel
by famous scholars, scientists and statesmen.
B a d e r , G e r s h o m .
Jewish spiritual heroes. New York, Pardes, 1963. 3 vols.
Biographies and the techniques of the Tanaim and Amoraim culled
from the Talmud and Midrash.