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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
C o r n f e l d , G a a l y a h u .
Daniel to Paul. New York, Macmillan, 1962. 376 p.
An illustrated history of the post-Biblical era of Jewish history.
D i c k l e r , G e r a l d .
Man on trial: history-making trials from Socrates to
Oppenheimer. New York, Doubleday, 1962. 452 p.
A lawyer retells and analyzes the impact of famous judicial trials in-
eluding the trial of Jesus, Dreyfus and the Nuremburg trials of Nazi war
D im o n t , M a x L .
Jews, God and history. New York, Simon &Schuster, 1962.
463 p.
A lively social and religious history by a layman.
D r e s d n e r , L e o n .
Jewish history: an epic of spiritual fortitude. Chicago, Inter-
national Printing Co., 1962• 168 p.
D r e s n e r , S a m u e l
H. The Jew in American life. New York, Crown, 1963.
319 p.
Aspects of Jewish life in America, treated by the rabbi of Congrega-
tion Beth El of Springfield, Mass.
D r e y f u s ,
S t a n l e y ,
ed. Henry Cohen: messenger of the Lord. New York,
Bloch, 1963. 175 p.
A memorial volume about the life and work of the rabbi who served
Temple B'nai Israel, Galveston, Texas, for 64 years.
E p s t e i n , E l i a s
L., ed. Hebrew Union College annual: vol. 33. Cincinnati,
Hebrew Union College, 1962. 275, 26 p.
Scholarly contributions in Assyriology, Bible studies, Rabbinics, Jewish
philosophy and Hebrew poetry.
E r n s t ,
M. L. Untitled: the diary of my 72nd year. New York, Luce, 1962.
272 p.
Autobiographical notes of a noted New York lawyer.
F i e l d , W a l t e r
L. A people’s epic: highlights of Jewish history in verse.
New York, Bloch, 1963. 118 p.
F i g l e r , B e r n a r d .
Lillian and Archie Freimann. Montreal, 1963. 331
p .
The biographies of two leaders of the Ottawa Jewish community.
F i g l e r , B e r n a r d
R o m e , D a v id .
Hananiah Meir Caiserman. Montreal,
Northern Printing &Lithographing Co., 1962. 494 p.
A memorial volume.
F i n e , M o r r i s
H im m e l f a r b , M i l t o n ,
eds. American Jewish year book:
vol. 63. New York, American Jewish Committee; Philadelphia, Jewish
Publication Society, 1962. 624 p.
Included is a record of the Eichmann trial by historians and jurists.
There are also chronicles of Jewish events in all countries by experts on
Jewish community life, demography and the struggle for civil rights for
F i n k e l s t e i n , L o u i s .
The Pharisees. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society,
1963. 2 vols.
A revised edition of a work about the social and religious philosophy
of the teachers of the Mishnah who propounded the oral law.
F r a n k , F e d o r a
S. Five families and eight young men: Nashville and her
Jewry, 1850-1861. Nashville, Tennessee Book Co., 1962. 184 p.
An account of early Jewish life in the capital city of the State of
F r a n k , G e r o l d .
The deed. New York, Simon 8c Schuster, 1963. 317
p .
Account of the assassination in Cairo in 1944 of Lord Moyne by two
members of the Stern group.