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I. E.
K i e v — A m e r i c a n J e w i s h N o n - F i c t i o n B o o k s
F r a n k f u r t e r , F e l i x .
Felix Frankfurter reminiscences, recorded in talks with
Harlan B. Phillips. Garden City, N. Y., Doubleday, 1962. 358 p.
F r e e h o f , S o l o m o n
B. On the collecting of Jewish books. Cincinnati, Society
of Jewish Bibliophiles, 1962. 26 p.
An address presented at the founding meeting of the Society of Jewish
Bibliophiles; published in a limited edition of 250 copies.
----- • A treasury of responsa. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1963.
313 p.
A selection and interpretation of Rabbinic law found in correspondence
and decisions during a period of 1,000 years.
----- • Reform Jewish practice and its Rabbinic background. New York,
Union of American Hebrew Congregations, 1963. 196, 138 p.
A combined edition of the two volumes published in 1944 and 1952
containing the essence of changes in Jewish customs and ceremonies
among American reform Jews with reference to traditional sources.
F r e i d , J a c o b ,
ed. Jews in the modern world. New
Y o r k ,
Twayne, 1962. 2 vols.
A collection of essays on Jewish life in America, Europe and Israel.
G a b i r o l , S o l o m o n I b n .
The fountain of life. Trans, by Harry Wedeck. New
York, Philosophical Library, 1962. 92 p.
First appearance in English of the central section of Solomon ibn
Gabirol’s influential eleventh century work.
G a e r , J o s e p h ,
ed. The best of recall. New York, Yoseloff, 1962. 179
p .
Selected articles and studies on Jews and Judaism originally published
a magazine issued in Los Angeles.
G e l d , E l l e n ( B r o m f i e l d )
. The heritage: a daughter’s memories of Louis
Bromfield. New York, Harper, 1962. 204 p.
Biography of the public and private life of the novelist.
G l a n z , R u d o l p h .
Jew and Mormon: historic group relations and religious
outlook. New York, 1963. 379 p.
A study of Mormon sources in Utah and Western America describing
the social and cultural relations of Jews in Mormon communities.
G l a t z e r , N a h u m N . ,
ed. Hammer on the rock: a Midrash reader. New York,
Schocken, 1962. 113 p. Paperbound reprint.
G l u c k e l o f H a m e l n .
The life of Gluckel of Hameln, 1646-1724. Trans, by
Beth-Zion Abrahams. New York, Yoseloff, 1963. 190 p.
Memoirs interwoven with facets of Jewish history and life.
G l u e c k , N e l s o n .
A bibliography. Cincinnati-New York, Hebrew Union Col-
lege-Jewish Intitute of Religion, 1962. 18 p.
A bibliography of the writings of the president of the HUC-JIR.
G o l d e n , H a r r y .
You’re entitle. Cleveland, World, 1962. 314 p.
Comments on Jewish and general life.
G o l d i n , H y m a n ,
trans. Ethics of the fathers: Pirke Abot. New York, Hebrew
Publishing, 1963. 144 p.
G o l d s m i t h ,
S. J. Twenty 20th century Jews. New York, Shengold, 1962.
142 p.
Short biographies of prominent Jews.
G o l d s t e i n , I s r a e l .
Transition years: New York—Jerusalem, 1960-1962. Jeru-
salem, Mass, 1962. 241 p.
The head of the Keren Hayesod in Jerusalem and rabbi emeritus of
Congregation B’nai Jeshurun in New York presents timely addresses
delivered in Israel and the Diaspora.