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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
----- . Contemporary Jewish thought: a reader. Washington, B’nai B’rith,
1963. 378 p.
Selections from more than thirty different volumes. This is the fourth
volume in the B’nai B’rith Great Book Series.
O l s o n , B e r n h a r d
E. Faith and prejudice. New Haven, Yale University, 1963.
451 p.
A survey of Protestant religious school publications as a source of
modern anti-Semitism in American life.
P a r k e s , J a m e s
W. A history of the Jewish people. Chicago, Quadrangle, 1962.
254 p.
P a r z e n , H e r b e r t . A s h o r t h i s t o r y o f Z io n i sm . N e w Y o r k , H e r z l P r e s s ,
128 p.
Concise review of the movement from its founding to the establish-
ment of the State of Israel and its effect on modern Jewish life and
P a t a i , R a p h a e l ,
ed. Herzl yearbook: vol. 4. New York, Herzl Press, 1963.
396 p.
The volume contains studies on two attempts to establish Jewish
colonies on the island of Cyprus and in the Sinai peninsula; and other
studies of interest to historians of the Zionist movement.
P a w l o w i c z , S a l a
(with Kevin Klose). I will survive. New York, Norton,
1962. 286 p.
The story of a young woman who resisted brutality with love and
faith when she was a slave laborer in Poland.
P a y n e , R o b e r t .
The splendor of Israel. New York, Harper & Row, 1963.
222 p.
A journey through the ancient sites of Israel emphasizing their
religious and archaeological significance.
P e r e t z , D o n .
The Middle East today. New York, Holt, 1963. 483
p .
Text for introductory college course on the Middle East.
P e r r y , T h o m a s W h i p p l e .
Public opinion, propaganda and politics in 18th
century England: a study of the Jew bill of 1753. Cambridge, Harvard
University Press, 1962. 215 p.
P i c o n , M o l l y . S o
laugh a little. As told to E. C. Rosenberg. New York,
Messner, 1962. 175 p.
Lighthearted portrayal of the famous Jewish actress’ theatrical career
beginning at the age of five and more particularly, of her zestful,
warmhearted grandmother who faced life with serenity.
P o s t a l , B e r n a r d
A b r a m s o n , S a m u e l
H. The landmarks of a people:
a guide to Jewish sites in Europe. New York, Hill and Wang, 1963.
279 p. Paperbound reprint.
P r i n z , J o a c h im .
The dilemma of the modern Jew. Boston, Little, Brown,
1962. 218 p.
The struggle of Jewish existence in the Diaspora and the relationship
of the Jewish community to the State of Israel by the head of the
American Jewish Congress.
P r i t c h a r d , J a m e s
G i b e o n ,
where the sun stood still; the discovery of the
Biblical city. Princeton, Princeton University, 1962. 176 p.
The director of the expedition, who uncovered the ancient city where
Joshua routed the Amorite kings, relates the importance of the ancient
site for Bblical archaeology.
R a b i n o w i c z , H a r r y
M. The Jewish literary treasures of England and America.
New York, Yoseloff, 1962. 166 p.
A s u r v e y o f J e w i s h l i b r a r i e s a n d c o l l e c t i o n s i n l e a r n e d i n s t i t u t i o n s a n d
t h e s t o r y o f t h e i r d e v e l o p m e n t .