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I. E.
K i e v — A m e r i c a n J e w i s h N o n - F i c t i o n B o o k s
R a d , G e r h a r d v o n .
Old Testament theology: vol. 1. New York, Harper, 1962.
483 p.
R a s k a s , B e r n a r d
S. Heart of wisdom: a thought for each day of the Jewish
year. New York, Burning Bush, 1962. 373 p.
Reconstructionist daily prayer book with a supplement containing prayers,
readings and hymns and with a new translation. New York, Reconstruc-
tionist, 1963. 188 p.
R e g n e r , S id n e y
L., ed. Yearbook of the Central Conference of American
rabbis: vol. 72. New York, 1962. 352 p.
R e i k , T h e o d o r .
Jewish wit. New York, Gamut, 1962. 246 p.
The psychoanalytic background of Jewish humor illustrated by in-
sights into the Jewish mind.
R e z n i k o f f , C h a r l e s .
By the waters of Manhattan. New York, New Direc-
tions and San Francisco Review, 1962. 113 p.
Poems by an American Jewish poet long identified with the New York
R o s e n b e r g , S t u a r t
E. More loves than one: the Bible confronts psychiatry.
New York, Nelson, 1963. 190 p.
The Hebrew Bible is used as a basis for deep insights into the con-
flicts, needs and hopes of modern man.
R o s e n f i e l d , L e n o r a C o h e n .
Portrait of a philosopher: Morris
R .
Cohen in
life and letters. New York, Harcourt, Brace &World, 1962. 461 p.
The definitive life of the eminent philosopher-teacher and founder
of the Conference on Jewish Relations which depicts his wide interests
and friendships with American intellectual leaders.
R o t h , C e c i l .
Essays and portraits in Anglo-Jewish history. Philadelphia,
Jewish Publication Society, 1962. 318 p.
The Jewish communities of England from the earliest settlement are
described by the professor of Jewish history at Oxford.
----- . The Sarajevo haggadah. New York, Harcourt, Brace & World, 1963.
45 p. 117 plates.
A reproduction in full color of one of the great medieval treasures,
with an introduction by Dr. Roth of Oxford.
R o t h , L e o n .
Judaism: a portrait. New York, Viking, 1962. 230 p. Paperbound
A study of Jewish thought.
R o u n d s , D o r o t h y .
Articles on antiquity in Festschriften: an index: the
ancient Near East, the Old Testament, Greece, Rome, Roman law,
Byzantium. Cambridge, Harvard University, 1962. 560 p.
Mainly a list of articles and essays, with entries under all the signi-
ficant words in the titles; includes many references to the Bible, Jewish
history and literature.
R u f e r , J o s e p h .
The works of Arnold Schoenberg:
catalogue of his compo-
sitions, writings and paintings. New York, Free Press of Glencoe, 1963.
214 p.
S a c h a r , H o w a r d M o r l e y .
The course of modern Jewish history. New York,
Dell, 1963. 630 p. Paperbound reprint.
S t . J o h n , R o b e r t .
Israel. New York, Time Inc., 1962. 160
p .
An illustrated volume in color of every area of life in the cities and
settlements of modern Israel.
----- . They came from everywhere: twelve who helped mold modern Israel.
New York, Coward-McCann, 1962. 256 p.
Biographies of twelve leading personalities.