Page 166 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 21

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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
W d o w i n s k i , D a v id .
And we are not saved. New York, Philosophical, 1963.
123 p.
A psychotherapist recounts life in the Warsaw ghetto.
W e i n e r , H e r b e r t .
The wild goats of Ein Gedi. Cleveland, World, 1963. 312 p.
Paperbound reprint.
Essays on religious life in modern Israel.
W e i s e r , A r t u r .
The Psalms: a commentary. Philadelphia, Westminster,
1962. 841 p.
A translation from the German with a discussion of the origin of the
Psalms and their use in the liturgy of the Temple.
W e i s g a l , M e y e r W . , a n d C a r m i c h a e l , J o e l , e d s . C h a im W e i z m a n n : a b i o g -
r a p h y b y s e v e r a l h a n d s . N e w Y o r k , A t h e n e u m ,
1963. 364
p .
Essays by notables of Israel, England and America about the scientific
and political achievements of the first President of the State of Israel.
W e i t z , M a r t i n ,
ed. Decalogues for our day: an anthology of ten command-
ments for modern living. New York, Bloch, 1962. 146 p.
W i e d e r , A r n o l d A .
The early Jewish community of Boston’s North End.
Waltham, Brandeis University, 1962. 100 p.
W i e n e r , M a x .
Abraham Geiger and liberal Judaism; the challenge of the
19th century. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1962. 305 p.
W r i g h t ,
E r n e s t .
Biblical archaeology: revised and expanded edition.
Philadelphia, Westminster, 1963. 288 p.
The volume takes into account the major excavations and finds since
the first edition. New sections describe how the histories of some of the
most important cities of ancient Israel must be revised in the light of
recent discoveries. The author is Parkman Professor of Divinity at
Harvard Divinity School.
Z e i t l i n , S o l o m o n .
The rise and fall of the Judaean state: a political and
religious history of the second commonwealth: vol. 1. Philadelphia,
Jewish Publication Society, 1962. 528 p.
Z e l t z e r , M o s h e .
Aspects of Near East society. New York, Bookman, 1962.
276 p.