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A b e l e , R u d o l p h v o n .
The party. New York, Houghton, 1963. 418 p.
A psychological study of two men: Col. Steinbaum and the Marshal
and the changing relationship between them. The entire action takes
place between 8 P.M. and the following 6A.M. at the Marshal’s chateau
deep in the heart of Germany. The Colonel is under constant strain lest
his relationship with his Jewish mistress, now in a concentration camp,
is uncovered.
A r c o n e , S o n y a .
The golden hammer. New York, Atheneum, 1963. 376 p.
The story of Leonard Weiler, able and ambitious, fighting for success
in the tough, competitive world of the New York garment industry and
of the three women in his life: his wife, his daughter and mistress, who
are casualties of his single-minded battle.
B a n k s , L y n n e R e id .
House of hope. New York, Simon & Schuster, 1962.
288 p.
Love affair between a brilliant, neurotic London Jewish playwright
and his young gentile secretary. In an effort to strengthen their life
together they flee London and settle on an Israeli kibbutz called House
of Hope.
B l o c k e r , J o e l ,
ed. Israeli stories: a selection of the best contemporary Hebrew
writing. New York, Schocken, 1962. 256 p.
Nine contemporary short stories with critical introductions and biog-
raphical sketches of the authors.
B r i c k n e r , R i c h a r d
P. The broken year. New York, Doubleday, 1962. 240
p .
A New York Jewish boy, Ernie Green, who until the time of his
convalescence from a broken neck, has been little more than an ego-
tistical show off. The long road to recovery gives him an insight and
understanding of his parents and friends who have helped him through
this struggle.
D a y a n , Y a e l . D u s t .
Cleveland and New York, World, 1963. 190
p .
Through the eyes of Yardena, a pioneering girl, is seen the growth
of an Israeli city in the desert and the people who affect her life:
Lenny, who collects stones and wood and avoids human relationships;
Rita, a Hungarian immigrant who tries desperately to win his love;
and David, sad and impenetrable, because of memories of a concentration
camp in which his family had died.
E n g e l , M o n r o e .
Voyager Belsky. New York, Atheneum, 1963. 315 p.
Francesco Belsky, an inveterate traveler and part time stock-broker, is
forever journeying far from home in search of his destiny. A crisis
involving his wife, Cora, and his brother-in-law, Peter Garfield, who
don’t understand his yearnings, sends him off on another journey.