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S t e r n , D a n i e l .
Who shall live, who shall die. New York, Crown, 1963. 319
p .
Jud Kramer, a successful Broadway director, reaches the peak of his
career with a play about a wartime concentration camp, such as the one
he himself had survived. As an advisor, he hires Walkowitz, who,
unbeknown to Kramer, has been tracking him for years to avenge some-
thing that happened in their concentration camp past.
T a r r , H e r b e r t .
The conversion of Chaplain Cohen. New York, Bernard
Geis, 1963. 212 p.
David Cohen, a provincial young rabbi from New York, volunteers into
the United States Air Force, and suddenly is faced with problems.
How he is adjusted to it all is humorously portrayed.
W e i d m a n , J e r o m e .
The sound of bow bells. New York, Random, 1962. 531
p .
Sam Silver’s rise from the ghetto to become a popular novelist and
short story writer. After much soul searching he consents to his parents’
and son’s wishes to have the Bar Mitzvah ceremony for his son, and
feels he has returned to “the security of the East Tenth Street kitchen
of his youth.”
Y a f f e , J a m e s .
Mister Margolies. New York, Random,
1962 . 2 1 2 p .
Mr. Margolies, a bachelor, has been vice-president for his brother-
in-law’s firm for 25 years. Though his value to the business is nil he
is tolerated and humored until his nephew takes over.
M . N . K
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