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o ph ia
A l e x e n b e r g , M e l v i n .
Alef bet zoo. Pictures by the author. New York, Shul-
singer, n.d. unp.
A slight picture book, useful for acquainting young children with
the sight and sound of Hebrew letters, (pre-school)
A m b r o s e , K e n n e t h .
The story of Peter Cronheim. Ulus, by Elisabeth Grant.
New York, Duell, Sloan &Pearce, 1962. 159 p.
Although the writing is uneven and is stilted in spots, and the char-
acters lack dimension and development, this manages to be an exciting
and important story of what happened to an ordinary German-Jewish boy
caught up in the Nazi holocaust, (ages 10-14)
A s im o v , I s a a c .
Words from the Exodus. Decorations
b y
William Barrs. Boston,
Houghton Mifflin, 1962. 206 p.
This volume covers the books of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deu-
teronomy from an etymological point of departure. It does not have as
much warmth and charm as
Words in Genesis
but is useful as a com-
panion volume, (age 11 and up)
----- . Words in Genesis. Decorations by William Barrs. Boston, Houghton
Mifflin, 1962. 233 p.
A retelling of the storv of Genesis with emphasis on the derivation and
history of the words and the expressions that have become a part of our
every day language, (age 11 and up)
B r i d g e r , D a v i d , W o l k , S a m u e l
and others, eds. The new Jewish encyclopedia.
Foreword by Abba Eban. Art ed., Stephen Kayser. Original photographs
by A. Z. Shanks and Marvin Koner. New York, Behrman, 1962. 541 p.
A profusely (although not always clearly) illustrated one-volume
encyclopedia, touching upon every aspect and every period of Jewish
life, (age 13 and up)
B u r s t e i n , A b r a h a m ,
new concise Tewish encyclopedia. New York. Ktav
1962. 141 p.
An easy-to-use, cross-referenced encyclopedia of almost 1500 entries.
Brief listings of history, biography, customs and ceremonies, etc. Clear,
large type, (age 10 and up)
E p s t e i n , M o r r i s .
A picture parade of Jewish history. New York, Shengold
1963. 125 p.
Great moments in the history of the Jewish people told in comic-
cartoon story-strips, with descriptive background information accompany-
ing each adventure, (ages 6-9)