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— A
m er ican
e w i s h
u v e n il e
o o k s
F r e e m a n ,
G. R., and
S u g a r m a n ,
J. G. Inside the synagogue. Photography
by J. E. Kerr and others. Illus. by Judith Oren. New York, Union of
American Hebrew Congregations, 1962. unp.
A well-written, informative book on every aspect of the synagogue,
from its furnishings to its personnel. The photographs are not always
as clear as they might be. Hebrew-English glossary, (ages 6-10)
G a r t l e r , M a r i o n
and others. Understanding Israel. River Forest, 111.,
Laidlaw Bros., 1962. 64 p. (The Understanding Your World series)
A simple, factual, straightforward panoramic overview of the state of
Israel. Book contains colorful pictures and maps, (ages 9-12)
G r o o m , A r t h u r .
The young David. Illus. by Azpelicueta. New York, Roy,
1962. 127 p.
“Arthur Groom evokes the world of the Old Testament and recreates
the well-known stories of David.” (age 12 and up)
I s h - K i s h o r , J u d i t h .
Tales from the wise men of Israel. Introduction by
Harry Golden. Drawings by W. T. Mars. Philadelphia, I. B. Lippincott,
1962. 219 p.
A collection of parables representative of Jewish thought. Stories have
been selected from Talmudic sources as well as from the years of dis-
persion. Glossary, (ages 10-13)
J a f f e , L e o n a r d .
The Pitzel holiday book. Illus. by Bill Giacalone. New York,
Ktav, 1962. 88 p.
The Pitzels are delightful wee, wee folk, at one with the flowers,
insects and animals. They celebrate the holidays with love, verve and
imagination, if not with great profundity. They are something new and
charming, (ages 6-10)
K am m , J o s e p h i n e .
Return to freedom. Illus. by William Stobbs. New York,
Abelard-Schuman, 1962. 186 p.
An exciting and important book for Jewish boys and girls, telling
how in the 17th century the edict banning Jews from England was
declared illegal, and how the Jews trickled back into England acquiring
civil rights only gradually, one concession at a time, (ages 11-14)
K l a p e r m a n , L ib b y
M. Bible stories from the Old Testament. Illus. by
Geoffrey Biggs. New York, Grosset &Dunlap, 1963. 61 p.
An inexpensive volume of selected Bible stories, (ages 8-10)
K r ip k e , D o r o t h y
L e v i n , M e y f . r ,
K u r z b a n d ,
T. K. God and the
story of Judaism. Stephen Kraft, art ed.;
L .
F. Bjorklund, illus. New
York, Behrman, 1962. 191 p. (The Jewish Heritage series)
Basically a re-working of Dorothy Kripke’s three “Let’s talk about. . . ”
books. The authors attempt to discuss in a child’s terminology and
within the range of a child's experiences such topics as: How Judaism
teaches us about the right way, etc. There are questions at the end
of each chapter, (ages 10-13)
L e a r s i , R u f u s .
Prince of Judah and other stories of a great journey. Illus.
by Vivian Berger. New York, Shengold, 1962. 143 p.
Based on a legend here and an idea there, Learsi, in a rather slap-
dash manner, tells a series of stories starting with the Jews in Egypt
and ending with the Return in 1948. (ages 10-13)
L e h m a n , E m i l .
Israel: idea and reality. New York, United Synagogue Com-
mission on Jewish Education, 1962. 236 p.
In attempting to be all things to all men, women and children, this
turns out to be neither a textbook for children nor adults, but a tract