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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
on Zionism that falls far short of its high ideal to show ‘‘that Zionism
as a political movement is but the transfer into modernity of a spiritual
force that has motivated the continuation of the Jewish people since the
prophets.. .” (age 13 and up)
M a r g o l i s , I s i d o r ,
M a r k o w i t z , S .
L. Jewish holidays and festivals. Illus.
by John Teppich. New York,. Citadel, 1962. 123 p.
An orthodox oriented book which tells the significance, practices,
ceremonies and prayers of the Jewish holidays. Each section contains
two traditional stories about the holiday, (ages 10-13)
M i n d l i n , V a l e r i e
C o r n f e l d , G a a l y a h u .
The epic of the Maccabees.
New York, Macmillan, 1962. 102 p.
A modern, well-written, attractively illustrated history of the Macca-
bean period, (ages 10-13)
R i b a l o w , H a r o l d
U. The story of Daniel Mendoza: the fighter from White-
chapel. Illus. by Simon Jeruchim. New York, Farrar, Straus & Cudahy;
Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1962. 148 p. (Covenant Books)
A book that will appeal to boys. Mendoza, a “great” among prize
fighters, when the art was still in its infancy, was always a credit to
his profession and to his people, the Jews, (ages 10-13)
R o b i n s o n ,
C. A.,
J r .
The first book of ancient Bible lands. Illus. with maps
and photos. New York, Franklin Watts, 1962. 66 p.
What should have been a good historical exposition by an eminent
historian is little more than a Christological rehash of the Bible. The
book is useful, however, because it is one of the first books for children
that attempts to place Jews within the general historical setting,
(ages 10-13)
J o h n , R o b e r t
and editors of
Israel. New York, Time, Inc., 1962.
160 p. (Life World Library)
This book by text and picture essays attempts to tell how Israel came
into being, what has given it strength and ability to survive, and what
accounts for its progress in the world. Beautiful pictures. An appendix
contains a list of historical dates, suggested further reading material, the
major holidays in Israel, famous Israeli cultural figures, and an index,
(age 11 and up)
S a s f .k ,
M. This is Israel. New York, Macmillan, 1962. 60
p .
An artist's conception of Israel depicted as a tourist sees it: the
strange juxtaposition of the beautiful and the bizarre; the common
place and the unusual; the new and the old. It is done with charm
and rare perception, (age 8 and up)
S c h w a r t z m a n , S y l v a n
D., and
S p i r o , J a c k
D. The living Bible: a topical
approach. Illus. by Bruno Frost. New York, Union of American Hebrew
Congregations, 1962. 299 p.
This volume attempts to provide an appreciation of the Bible’s
relevance for life today. It deals with such questions as: Who is God?
Does God have a favorite people? The book contains many valuable
teaching aids and suggestions: lists of references, charts, maps, ques*
tions and an index, (ages 13-16)
Simhoni, S.
Legends of Samson, retold for Jewish youth. Trans, by I.
Lask. Illus. by A. Luizada. New York, Schulsinger, 1963. 64 p.
Translated from the Hebrew
Agadot Shimson Hagibor
in a rather
breezy, colloquial style, (ages 9-12)