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S t i n e t o r f , L o u i s e .
The shepherd of Abu Kush. New York, Tohn Day, 1962.
127 p.
Story of an Arab boy whose family is displaced when their village is
bought by Jewish settlers. How the two groups are brought to mutual
understanding is the substance of the book, (ages 10-13)
T a l ,
R. Legends of Daniel, retold for Jewish youth. Trans, from the Hebrew
Agadot Daniel;
Legends of Elijah, retold for Jewish youth. Trans, from
the Hebrew
Agadot Elijahu Hanavi.
Trans, by I. M. Lask. Illus. by A.
Luizada. New York, Shulsinger, 1963. 2 books, 64 p. each.
T e d e s c h e , S id n e y ,
tr. Book of the Maccabees. Illus. by Jacob Shacham.
Hartford, Conn., Prayer Book Press, n.d. unp.
Colorful and arresting illustrations make for a most attractive volume,
(age 12 and up)
W e n g r o v , C h a r l e s .
The book of Sabbath: story and traditions, songs and
music; being the heartwarming account of Friday evening and Saturday
in the life of one Jewish family, interwoven with stories of adventure
about the Sabbath in days gone by . . . together with a full collection
of beloved z’mirot and songs for the entire Sabbath. Illus. by Siegmund
Forst. Music ed. by Samuel Bugatch. New York, Shulsinger, 1962. 128 p.
A beautifully illustrated book. The text is traditional with somewhat
free and unfamiliar translations of familiar songs, (ages 8-12)
W h e e l e r , O p a l .
Moses. Illus. by Lindford Donovan. New York, E. P. Dutton,
1962. 95 p.
A handsomely illustrated, fictionalized biography of Moses. The
author’s attempt to produce a biblical sounding volume results in
awkward prose and insipid character portrayals, (ages 10-12)
C e d a r b a u m — A m e r i c a n J e w i s h J u v e n i l e B o o k s