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E. E
A b s e , D a n n y ,
Poems: Golders Green. London, Hutchinson, 1962. 64
p .
A k z i n , B e n j a m i n .
Nations and nationalism in the twentieth century. London,
World Jewish Congress, British Section, 1962. 16 p. (Noah Barou Me-
morial Lecture, 1961.)
A m b r o s e , K e n n e t h .
The story of Peter Cronheim. 111. by Elizabeth Grant.
London, Constable, 1962. 159 p.
Story of a Jewish boy in Nazi Germany.
A n g o f f , C h a r l e s .
Journey to the dawn. London, Yoseloff, 1962. 421
p .
Novel of Jewish immigrant life in America.
A p f e l , J o s e p h .
The Jewish Sabbath. Leeds, Jewish Education Board, 1962.
158 p.
A s h b i l l , Y .
T. The new hiddushei Ritba to Baba Metzia. (Hebrew). Ed. by
S. A. Halpern. London, author, 1962. 222 p.
Authorised Daily Prayer Book. Ed. by S. Singer. New edition. Revised and
enlarged under the direction of Israel Brodie, Chief Rabbi. London,
Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1962. 440 p.
A v ig a d ,
N. and
Y i g a e l Y a d in .
A Genesis Apocryphon: a scroll from the
Wilderness of Judea. Trans, from Hebrew by S. S. Nardi. Oxford, Uni-
versity Press, 1962. 96 p.
A v i - Y o n a h , M i c h a e l
and E. G.
K r a e l i n g .
Our living Bible. London, Old-
bourne, 1962. 384 p. 360 ill.
Major discoveries of archaeologists, philologists, historians and biblical
students of the past ten years.
Babylonian Talmud. Tractate Baba Mezia. Trans, from Hebrew and Aramaic
by I. Epstein. London, Soncino, 1963. 492 p.
Leo Baeck Institute Yearbook. No. 6. Ed. by Robert Weltsch. London, East
&West, 1962. 360 p.
Essays and studies relating to the history of German Jewry.
B a r o n , A l e x a n d e r .
The lowlife. London, Collins, 1963. 223 p.
Story of a middle-aged Jewish gambler living in Hackney.
Bible: revised standard version: The Oxford annotated Bible. Ed. by H. G.
May & B. M. Metzger. Oxford, University, 1600 p.
Bible: revised standard version: Brevier text. Edinburgh, Nelson, 1962. 992 p.
Black’s Bible Dictionary. 7th rev. ed. London, Black, 1962. 880 p.
The Book of Maccabees: From the Apocrypha. Trans, by Sidney Tedesche.
111. by Jacob Shacham. London, Vallentine Mitchell, 1962. 80 p. 27 ill.
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