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— A
ng lo
e w i s h
o o k s
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ed. Jewish philosophy and philosophers. London,
Hillel Foundation, 1962• 200 p.
Essays in Jewish philosophy.
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Before the Bible. London, Collins, 1962. 320
p .
Archaeological study.
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Judaism in danger. Leeds, author, 1962. 48
p .
Plea for traditional Judaism.
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600 p. 40 plates.
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1962. 180 p.
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332 p.
Documents and papers of the first international conference of
scientists and politicians at Rehovot.
H a d a r , A l i z i a ,
A u b r e y K a u fm a n n .
The princess Elnasari. London,
Heinemann, 1963. 217 p.
Story of the rescue of Jewish children from Nazi-occupied Europe.
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ed. Yehezkel Kaufmann jubilee volume: studies! in Bible and
Jewish religion. Oxford, University, 1962. 284 p.
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Prentice Hall, 1963. 179 p. (Spectrum Books.)
, M
au r ic e
H. Judaism and
t h e
Jews. London, Holborn,
1 9 6 2 . 3 2 0 p .
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R. K. Archaeology and the Old Testament. London, English
Universities, 1963. 162 p. (Teach Yourself Books)
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p .
Sequel to the first part of the author’s autobiography.
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versity, 1962. 160 p.
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guin Books, 1962. 199 p., 16 plates.
Exposition of Middle Eastern mythology with particular reference
to the Bible.
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introduction and notes by Bernard Lewis. London, Vallentine Mitchell,
1962. 92 p.
I b n P a q u d a . B a c h y a .
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mann, 1962. 799 p.
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447 p.
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Felix Mendelssohn and his times. London, Barrie
and Rockliff,
1 9 6 3 . 3 6 8