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J a c o b s , L o u i s .
Jewish prayer. London, Jewish Chronicle, 1962. 64 p.
J a c o b s o n , D a n .
Time of arrival. London, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1963.
198 p.
J e w i s h C u l t u r a l S o c i e t y .
Centenary of the Yiddish theatre, 1862-1962.
Ed. Charles S. Klinger. London, 1962. 56 p.
The Jewish Travel Guide 1963. Compiled by “Green Flag." London,
Jewish Chronicle, 1963. 244 p.
The Jewish Yearbook 1963. 5723-24. Ed. by Hugh Harris. London, Jewish
Chronicle, 1962. 342 p.
J o n e s , E r n e s t .
The life and work of Sigmund Freud. Ed. and abridged by
Lionel Trilling and Stephen Marcus. London, Hogarth, 1962. 576 p.
J u d a h , A a r o n .
Clown of Bombay. London, Faber
Faber, 1963. 252
p .
Children’s book about a Jewish boy from Bombay.
K a p r a l i k , C h a r l e s
I. Reclaiming the Nazi loot: the history of the work of
the Jewish Trust Corporation for Germany: a report. London, Jewish
Trust Corporation, 1962• 199 p.
K a t z , J a c o b ,
etc. Writers on ethics: classical and contemporary. London,
Van Nostrand, 1962. 688 p.
e t tle
, A
r n o l d
Karl Marx. London, Weidenfeld
Nicolson, 1963. 128 p.
(Pathfinder Biographies)
K i s h o n , E p h r a im .
Noah’s Ark, tourist class. Trans, from Hebrew by Yohanan
Goldman. London, Deutsch, 1963. 256 p.
L a g e r k v i s t , P a e r .
The death of Ahasuerus. Trans, from Swedish by Naomi
Walford. London, Chatto 8c Windus, 1962. 90 p.
Novel in which some of the great religious theories are exploded
through the experiences of the wandering Jew.
L e a , H e n r y C h a r l e s .
The inquisition of the Middle Ages: its organisation
and operation. Introduced by Walter Ullmann. London, Eyre 8c Spot-
tiswoode, 1963. 320 p.
L e h r m a n , S im o n
M. A guide to Chanukkah and Purim. 2nd rev. ed. London,
Jewish Chronicle, 1962. 94 p. (Guides to the Jewish Festivals)
L e i s e r , E r w i n .
A pictorial history of Nazi Germany. Harmondsworth, Pen-
guin, 1962. 204 p.
L e v i n s o n , M a u r i c e .
The desperate passion of Henry Knopp. London, Faber
8c Faber, 1962. 188 p.
The life of Glueckel von Hameln. Written by herself. Trans, by Beth-
Zion Abrahams. London, East 8c West, 1962. 190 p.
L in d b l o m , J o h a n n e s .
Prophecy in ancient Israel. Oxford, Blackwell, 1962.
472 p.
L i n k l a t e r , E r i k .
Husband of Delilah. London, Macmillan, 1962. 318 p.
L ip s k y , L o u i s .
Tales of the Yiddish Rialto. London, Yoseloff, 1963. 256
p .
L o c k y e r , H e r b e r t .
All the promises of the Bible. London, Pickering
Inglis, 1963. 512 p.
L o o n , H e n d r i c k v a n .
The story of the Bible. New ed. London, Mayflower
Books, 1962. 352 p.
M a im o n d e s , M o s e s .
Mishneh Torah: books 1 and 2. Trans, from Hebrew
by M. Hyamson. 2nd rev. ed. Gateshead, Lehmann, 1962. 165 p.
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